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    Welcome Shadow Walker, to my offerings regarding Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber.

    Not to worry, the artwork of my site is still here. This is just a fast loading signpost for finding things on my pages. Trumps are in the Family Portrait gallery. In addition to expansion notes for Zelazny's Amber, you will find images of Amber castle, hints to the fantastic Shadows of the Empire of the Gleaming Banner, links and info for the PBeM 'Strange Bedfellows', as well as Courts of Chaos material. I've included a menu device at the bottom of most pages so you can skip around without coming back to this page.

    This entry page points to the full content of my site, including links to other Amber sites which I find the most useful and pleasing in design/concept. Enjoy the Golden Circle, wander freely, many folk have packed the Circle with great ideas for gaming or expanding the possibilities of the novels and short stories. There's no way I can list it all so take a look at Golden Circle Resources below where I point to the most useful Amber link sites.

    Eternal City is the name of my own Face To Face campaign. I have also run games at AmberCon US and AmberCon North, but this is subject to change. Click the 'Ambercons' image below to find out if there is a Convention being planned near you.

    As always, my thanks to all who wish to comment on what they find here. To eTrump me, click the link. Please credit me with images borrowed from my pages.


      Eternal City - my own Face to Face Campaign
    • Family Portraits - a gallery of Trump
    • Castle Page - page of castle information and plans
    • Courts of Chaos - Eternal City style
    • Courts of Chaos Nobility - includes Political Notes
    • The Cathedral of the Serpent - must see in the Courts of Chaos
    • Dworkin Family Tree - here is a colorful family tree of the "cast" of Eternal City
    • Here find the personal logs of Cassandra of Mycenea (thanks, Vivian!). Cassandra hails from distant Shadow and discovers her heritage in Amber. These logs may be useful to beginning players and demonstrate how a "newly revealed" family member can be introduced "cold" to an ongoing Amber campaign.
      1. day 1 - Cassandra visits the Eternal City!
      2. d101yr0 - Family woes in the Eternal City!
      3. d190yr0 - Martin's World and Shadows!
      4. d001yr4 - she leaves Amber; yet wins over her father and saves a brother!
      5. d214yr4 - faces off against a rogue Chaosian priest
      6. d295yr4 - welcome Lady Kate; still no sign of Sebastian
      7. d022yr5 - the Family Royal celebrates Yule Day and politics become 'heated'
      8. d042yr5 - the kiss of which all others are but Shadows
      9. d100yr5 - Cassandra defeats 'Mad Luke'
      10. d223yr5 - Amber attacked
      11. d229yr5 - broken Patterns?
      12. d236yr5 - castle changes
      13. d301yr5 - wedding Amber style
      14. d150yr6 - honeymoon over!
      15. d230yr6 - family traitors, demons, & geas?
      16. d287yr6 - missing relatives, new Trumps
      17. d331yr7 - identity crisis
      18. d032yr17 - even amberite babies are dangerous
      19. d117yr17 - Prince of Amber is born
      20. d147yr18 - birthday, attack, holiday in the Eternal City
      21. d198yr18 - mental health day
      22. d063yr19 - mission for the Crown
      23. d109yr19 - Logrus Master
      24. d126yr19 - Trumps, Traps, and Logrus
      25. d179yr19 - Weir politics, Queen's Holiday
      26. d239yr19 - grandmas and Chaosians
      27. d282yr19 - war and ghosts
      28. d223yr20 - politics and Chaos weddings
      29. d080yr22 - vacations and dangers
      30. d147yr22 - vacation, murder and vengeance
      31. d090yr23 - hunting shadows, children, coups, gods, Chaosians
      32. d091yr24 - Weir politics, culture, 'grove hair', and daughter listing
      33. d146yr24 - adoption politics, shadow, and travel adventure
      34. d296yr24 - mother trouble, Festival of Lights
      35. d196yr25 - mother marriage, shadowstorms, daughter riddles
      36. d337yr25 - deadly battle, my daughter-the witch
      37. d340yr25 - visiting Uncle Corwin
      38. d362yr25 - surreal return and birthday
      39. d140yr28 - from Gianassa to Towers
      40. 196/28 - from Toweropolis to Paris romance
      41. 270//28 - from Paris romance to nightmares
      42. 328/28 - from nightmares to Disaster!
      43. 346/28 - from to Disaster to Renewal!
      44. 053/29 - Mal leaving, Eidolon poly, and Kai dead!
      45. 270/30 - politics! necromancy! sex! sheesh!
      46. 007/31 - Sudan, Yule, and We Choose Paris
      47. 146/31 - pregnant, Night of the Crab Attack, elected President of France
      48. 237/32 - Family Manor vs the Sorrowful Hand
      49. 324/32 - Free from the Siege of Paris
      50. 237/33 - Parents vs girls, girls, girls or "how you gonna keep 'em down on the farm, after they've saved Paree?"
    • Mycenea - Cassandra's own home culture!
    • Color Map - Golden Circle countries
    • Enlarged Map - Golden Circle trade routes and countries from Eternal City campaign (8x your browser window - scroll around)
    • Rebma - deep look into The Deep
    • Eternal City: the Movie- casting call for the campaign
      Zephyr Silk & Argent Rose - serial play @ AmberCon North
    • Info
    • FAQ
    • GM notes
    • ACN 1999: Thanks to Tony, Shawn, Anne and David !
    • ACN 2000: Thanks to Matt, Anne, Craig, JP and Lou !
    • ACN 2001: Thanks to Anne, JP, Lou, Ian, and Anton !
    • ACN 2002: Thanks to Anne, Sol, Jenn, Liz, Mike, and Shawn !
    • ACN 2003: Thanks to Anne, Sol, Jenn, Liz, Mike, JP, Kris, and Mark !
    • ACN 2004: I will not be able to attend Ambercon North
    • ACN 2005:
    • The Argent Realm of Corwin's Pattern will return to AmberCon North, see the link to AmberCons. This is a serial game, not a continuing campaign. That means the background supports characters who "come and go" and each 'story' is contained within a single gaming session.
      Other Realms
    • This seems to have become the Graveyard of Lost Campaigns.
    • Age of Retribution - the PBeM for brave souls
    • Agacerie - daughter of Deirdre at War in Age of Retribution
    • NeuroSpace - Future powers for the Eternal City!
    • Children of the Jewel - a meta game design for rotating GM's! Site design by Aedev (incomplete)
    • Kirwyd - of Thy Kingdom Come - PBeM ended
    • Kirwyd - Trump of the MidSummer Ball gown!
    • When World's Collide - a PBEM by Karen & Brian in the Argent Realm - PBeM ended
      Realms In Progress
    • And speaking of Lost Campaigns this is a grab-bag of ideas not yet realized. Please eTrump me if you have comments on them. Please note these are projects under development, NOT active campaigns.
    • In the Shadow of Greatness - a campaign centered on a Broken Pattern!
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