Family Tree of Eternal City Campaign
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th Notes
Oberon               dead, repairing Pattern
Stitha Galt           alive: unknown
  shadow Andre         formed cHouse Rathrenk
shadow Seal       House Rascal
      Takset Bodann Vintar     House Bodann, Sinister
    Xaviera Dexter   House Bodann
          chaos ?child unknown
    Xaviera Sylviera   House Bodann
      Takset Sempher     House Bodann
    Kitsa Dundella   House Bodann, strong shaper
        Rosiera son 1   House Bodann
      chaos ?child House Bodann
        Rosiera son 2   House Bodann
    Rosiera daughter 1   House Bodann
      Takset Botticelli     House Rascal, madness festival
shadow Kitsa       House Rascal
      Sempher Dundella     illegal
      unknown (MF) Brittany     House Rascal, madness festival
  shadow son 2         formed cHouse Rathrenk
shadow ?child       unknown
Cymnea Benedict           Marshal of Amber
  Lintra Hendrake Dara I         dead, Patternfall
hendrake Dara t. Elder       dead, by Fiona
      hendrake Dara t. Younger     falsely dead, imprisoned, escaped
    Corwin Merlin   King, Courts of Chaos
          Coral of Begma Farris Queen, Kashfa of the GC
          Zakchere Helgram Zavoy Crown Princess, Courts of Chaos
    Gramble Sawall Despil   Regent, House of Thelbane
        Gramble Jurt   House Thelbane
      Julia Yvette House Thelbane
          Julia Zander House Thelbane
Osric           dead
  Magellea Ozmandius         King, Emerallia of Myst
Leitre Chanicutt Melinda       Crown Princess, Emerallia
Leitre Bastian       Crown Prince, Emerallia
Finndo           dead
Stitha Nanna           dead, on the Pattern
Za Shar Ra           dead, in battle with Chaos
Faiella Eric           dead, in battle with Chaos
  Tatasha Evander         King, Aes of Verdant Forest
Thelia Cassandra       Warden of Garnath
DeWinter Kai-Revere     Lord Garnath
DeWinter Xhimena     Lady Garnath, Faixhi, Silverbrow
Mal Matisse     Lady Paris Thorn
DeWinter Duncan-Rogier     Lord Paris
Thelia Eidolon       Crown Prince of Aes
Corwin           Rose Heir, creator Argent Rose
  Dara III Merlin         King, Courts of Chaos
Coral Farris       Queen, Kashfa
Zakchere Zavoy       Crown Princess, Courts of Chaos
  Lorelei Lenaig         President, Argent France
  Lorelei Dion         Scientist, Argent France
  Lorelei Laurent         Marshal, Argent France
Deirdre           dead, in battle with Chaos
Clarissa Fiona          
  Leila Blane         the Amazing, performer
  Duchess Blake         the Sharp, artist
  Roxanne Bellesara         the Beast, ranger
  Aether Blade         the Quick, explorer
  Iko Blythe         the Bold, Court Physician of Amber
Brand           dead, in PatternFall War, traitor
  Jasra Rinaldo         former King, Kashfa of the GC
Moins Llewella           Guardian of the Cimmerian
Capella           Guardian of the Emerald Flame
Rilga Caine           dead, by Rinaldo
  Maureen Logan         dead, by Naslith
Alylsa Arturos (stargazer)      
      Salat Sarek    
    Genevieve Jacynea  
      Salat Steele    
      Selsienna Aurora    
      Selsienna Altair    
      Selsienna Andromeda    
      Destine Joff (Geoff)    
Julian           Lord of Arden, former Regent
  Vivant Shapir         Warden of Arden
  Vivant Rhiannon         Countess of Arden
Gerard           Admiral of Amber, former Regent
  the Owen Owen         Crown Physician of Amber
Kent Kinkel       Asst. Secretary of Commerce
Kent Sabrina      
Kent Nikolaus      
      Silviera Royvhen    
Kent Tigh      
  Minx March         Ambassador, Golden Circle
Canthraal Jubilation       Heir, Emp Gleaming Banner
Lucille Faire       Heir, Duchy of Ost
  the Owen Rourke         Captain, Royal Navy of Amber
Dybele Florimel           Crown Architect, Ambassador to Chaos
  Perrak Demi Alysande         Countess of Montenegro
Paulette Random           King of Amber
  Morganthe Martin         Prince of Amber, Crown Prince of Rebma
Kaysara Sebastian       orphan, raised by Guild
Kergal Simone     House Murkweir
  Lucille Doromea         Crown Princess of Amber
  Vialle Moran         Crown Prince of Amber
  Francine Vestalowen       Crown Princess of Amber
Mirelle           Queen of Corilaine
  unknown Richmond         Crown Prince of Corilaine
Lora Sandmorel           Imperial Heir, Emp Gleaming Banner
  inthir son1         dead, by separatists of Halla Hara
Delwin           Imperial Advocate, Emp Gleaming Banner
Deela Dastard           former High Prelate of Nolava
Finxh Tremerule         Barrister of Nolava
Go Re So Go Hu Dhing         3/4 fae
Go Re So Go Hu Dhang         3/4 fae
DeWinter           Knight of Amber
Cassandra Kai-Revere         Lord Garnath
Cassandra Xhimena         Lady Garnath
Cassandra Duncan-Rogier         Lord Paris
Mal Merisot         Lady Paris Thorn
Go Re So Go Hu Fang         3/4 fae
DoBlique           Saint Mystic of Powers
Dalt           Saint Captain of Armies
Kinta Coral           former Queen of Kashfa
Merlin Farris         Queen, Kashfa of the GC

Thanks to my RFL for the inspiration for this Family Tree. The initial organizing work was hers. If you would like to borrow this page to work your own Tree, just link back to my pages with a credit.

Thanks to Jvstin for reminding me that the fate of Rebma is inextricably entangled with Amber. Here follows the Rebman Royal Tree.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th Notes
Lir                 dead, in battle with Chaos
Syrene Musica               dead, in battle with Chaos
Tyrene Moins             dead, in battle with Chaos
Oberon Llewella           Princess of Rebma
Capella           Princess of Rebma
Rha Ahman Moire           Queen of Rebma
  Toltek Mu Morganthe         dead, suicide
  Random of Amber Martin       Crown Prince of Rebma
  Kaysara Sebastian     Prince of Amber
            Kergal Murkweir Simone   raised in Chaos
Mirra Typhon               dead, in battle with Chaos

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