I don't consider my pages much of a home page. For one thing, they have never said much about me.

But there is something to be said for my RFL.

Without her, none of this would be possible. A lot of my ideas spring from things we do every day, or talk about late at night. She's been in my campaigns for years and years and she has lent "immoral" support to all my GM efforts and my recent outbreak onto the Web.

Any time that I use to update or expand these pages, is time that she loses from our personal Amber campaign, so everyone that likes these efforts owes her a tip of the hat, too.

So I really don't have anything to say about me. This page is for her.

Oh? What's RFL all about?

Some years ago. Doonesbury's daily strip had a moment where Mike was trying to explain the relationship with his not-yet-wife and he was failing badly. He stumbled through a few awkward phrases; girlfriend, best buddy, steady, etc. and wasn't able to define it to his satisfaction.

Whereupon the gal in question spoke right up and said something like, "How about Reason For Living?"

I knew, smiling when I saw that, what to call my girl.

My RFL and me


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