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Agacerie Ankus    {ah-GA-sir-RAY AHN-kus}

also known as:
Mad Martigaine, Fey Cerie

ht: 5'-3"    wgt. approx.: 110#    hair: heavy long black    eyes: violet ice
athletic, sleek, narrowly proportioned
milk pale skin, long fingered hands, narrow face
favors purple colored silk clothes and/or black leather

Origin of Agacerie (public knowledge)

~She seems to be in her early twenties. She was raised in Shadow and only brought back to Amber to try the Pattern a few years ago. Agacerie almost failed the Pattern, making it to the center on her hands and knees. She recovered quickly and spent the last few years in Shadow, fighting offspring of the Black Road in several dozen Shadows. She doesn't seem to have a life beyond the Black Road operations and the planning in between.

~She seems to be a good soldier, but is not a leader yet. Her experience on the battlefield is broad but not deep.

~Some say that King Eric held Deirdre prisoner on threat of good behavior from Agacerie. Agacerie has publicly said this isn't true.

~Agacerie has been so absorbed with her limited battles under the direction of Benedict and Julian, that she hasn't done much to familierize herself with her family or Pattern abilities. She seems to have no trouble moving thru Shadow. She either likes Shadow quite a bit, or is too busy to be around Amber much.

~Agacerie has been out into many arcane Shadows. She has seen technology. She favors some tech things because it seems to limit magical and supernatural complications. Vampires don't usually hang out in tech worlds.

~Socially, with her cousins, she is a mixed bag. She can be quite animated and personable, but doesn't have a polished social manner. Sometimes she is quite interested in Sigurd, Saoirse, and especially Marcus, her brother---- at other times she seems awkward and unhappy to be hemmed in. She does best with the younger members of the family, those more her age such as, Lorine, Mark, Kale and any others that have made appearances in Amber-- simply because she is less aware of their experience.


The image of a young woman in sleek wrap-around sunglasses. The moon is reflected in the jet plastic of the lenses.

Dark hair like liquid night. Strong face. Tarnished silver anhk in her right earlobe. Black jacket of leather, the jacket's shoulders and upper arms are heavily padded with thickened squares and fine stitching. Her nails are laquered silver and her fingers are laced together in front of her as if she were praying.

Behind her is a gritty gray wall.

Her bodice is purple silk in a sweeping wide keyhole neckline design that accentuates her lean feminine charms. The edge of the top is a finely detailed rope of stonewashed silk. She wears a silver anhk pendant.

Why does this dark angel smile so invitingly? Is she really laughing or was she drunk? Is her face caught in expanding humor or silly intoxication? Or is it herself she is laughing at?

Call her and see.

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