Amber, the Eternal City - Castle by Arref Mak

Amber, The Eternal City  

This page holds the secrets to Castle Amber and is my starting point for putting together these pages on Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber.

Artwork here was done over several years and with various tricks of modeling and digital paint. With today's technology, anyone with access to specialized programs like Bryce, FormZ, 3DStudio Max, or Lightscape can do some really impressive things. Someday I hope to have the time to learn those kind of programs.

Eternal City is the name of my own Face To Face campaign.

As always, my thanks to all who wish to comment on what they find here. To eTrump me with comments, just try your cards. Please credit me with images borrowed from my pages.

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  • Here's a list of links to other web sites that offer some good alternates.
  • JoAnne has Castle Plans which she allows gamers to use!
  • Jvstin describes an expanded Castle Amber layout.
  • Matthew maps the entire fortress of Castle Amber.
  • Tony Jones provides extensive descriptions of a palace.
  • John Ciancutti does a more general essay.
  • Kevin Deem does extensive visual floor plans and exterior model. This material is a few years old, no telling how long it will remain online. But it is probably one of the more complete projects. -since removed-
  • Dan Christensen provides one of the first good palatial ideas of Amber Palace - new extensive castle plans
  • PrimalMUSH provides text and pictures to give a feel for the palace. Amber Palace
  • A very nice French webpage proposes a different view of the castle and grounds by GaŽlle Lihard. Amber Castle - lots of images here, give it a chance to load, you'll be rewarded.
    • Thanks to Vanessa for the 'redirect' to the English version of the above.

. . .please credit me with images borrowed from my pages. . .

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