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Roger Zelazny. Award winning science fiction and fantasy author. Student of martial arts. Poet.

Zelazny wrote ten novels and several short stories about the people and ruling family of Amber, the One True World of which all others are but Shadows. Sometime later, Erick Wujcik wrote a gaming system to allow role-playing the setting. He published it in 1991, calling it, "Amber Diceless Role Playing Game", or Amber DRPG. Search the net on AltaVista and you will find an expansive range of material on the novels and the game.

Here we are talking about strictly about Chaos.

No, not the chaos of quantum physics or the Chaos of a thousand sword and sorcery stories. Those are only shadows of the True Chaos. This ring of sites is about the Courts of Chaos, the great people from whom the family of Amber derives their origins. Amber would not exist if not for the Courts of Chaos.

Of course, in Zelazny's tale, the Chaosians are the 'bad guys'. They move to destroy Amber. I won't say more, just in case you stumbled in here by accident and are going to run out and read the books, which you should since several hundred plus pages of web material have been written about them and that tells you something about how good the stories are.

The Golden Circle is a ring of sites for all things related to Zelazny's Amber, including ideas regarding the Courts of Chaos. The Courts of Chaos ring is an expression only for Chaos, its culture, its words, its people.

In this ring, we acknowledge that there is more unsaid by Zelazny about the Courts of Chaos than there is said. Most viewpoints of Chaos must try to conjure up the material from the glimpse we have in the original material.

We might be better off for that. Talk of generating a Chaos supplement to the gaming system often brings a "who needs it now?" response. The game has been out ten years and supplements are unlikely.

Content is important to this ring, but the guidelines are broad. You may propose material that contradicts Zelazny, that banishes Logrus to neverwas, that tells of the future of Chaos, the past, the people, the demons, or that defines the Chaosians as figments of Amber's collective imagination. The criteria we will try to maintain is that you must add to the value of the ring as it pertains to Zelazny's Courts of Chaos.

That's it.

Courts of Chaos is a ring of web sites that are related to this theme in a useful way. By following the links from one Chaos page to the next you will come across many "Courts of Chaos" related web sites that you can absorb, and perhaps, enjoy yourself in the process. If the links are followed far enough, you will find yourself back at the link that you started from (that's why they call it a ring). As well as browsing the links one by one, you may instead get a list of the Chaos ring, for instance, or even have one chosen at random. Use the complex arrow/text icon for these features. Use the link at the bottom to manage pages already a part of the ring.

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