Fae Paths
Fae Rites of Power
by Arref Mak

O ld and strange to the ways of men, the Fae are not often seen by civilization. They remain easily out of the reach of all but the very arcane traveler.

The Fae races follow their own Rites of Power. The Fae study and group these Rites by Arcane Paths. A theme runs through a Path and mastering 3 or more Rites in a single Path means the practitioner has made a Commitment to the Path. Once Committed, they may not have more than one Rite of each other path. Total basic power is therefore 7 Rites. The strongest blend of Rites below Commitment to any one Path would be 6 Rites, 2 from each path.

Rites cost 3 points each. Each basic Path would total 15 points for the 5 Rites.

The Green Path - Fae can smell magical workings

The Silver Path - Fae can see magical workings

The Black Path - Fae can feel magical workings

Advanced Fae Powers

Once the Fae practitioner has the full 7 Rites mastered, they may define up to two completely new Rites for their committed Path. This would be 9 Rites and total of 27 points.

Once the Fae practitioner has the advanced 9 Rites mastered, they may define one completely new Path, which represents a unique theme not covered by the Three Paths. This would be 10 Rites and total of 30 points.

GM should encourage the Unique Path as something directly related to the Character's growth.

Fae Rites can be taught to the magically inclined, but some Fae blood is required to follow even a single Rite.

Fae Rites are magical and may be disrupted by counter magic. Some Shadow environs do not support Fae magic.

Fae Paths

Amber, the Eternal City

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