Amber, The Eternal City  

Castle Amber

Welcome Shadow Walker, to my offerings regarding Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber. Behold, Castle Amber. . . .high on Mount Kolvir. Let us enter there, and be welcome. Thru the open doors of the front portal. . . into the Entry Hall,
as most important visitors begin their introduction to Castle Amber. . . . .

Entry Hall

Down the Entry Hall . . . Look to the left, the second opening leads to the Great Hall. No visit is complete without seeing it. On your immediate right. . . the Master Clerk's Office. If there is any word of mail or schedule changes for King Random, it will be in there. . . .

These digital paintings were done as contribution for an ongoing Online Amber campaign. My original plan was to have a rendered view of most rooms of the Castle, as I was quite unsatisfied with the Visual Guide's depiction of the fortress. That project may be done some day, but don't count on it Honored Visitor. If you have opinions about rooms of the Castle that should be added here. . . you may email me your suggestions.

Oh, what abountiful tide of ideas and inspiration on the Golden Circle. I have fallen in with a very creative crowd. . . . discovering Amber here on the Web has led to many hours spent in pursuit of that Eternal Realm and learning the ins and outs of the Online PBeM experience. . . .

Strange Bedfellows

is referred to elsewhere in the Golden Circle but is worth another recommendation here. For those who cannot experience Amber play except through an email campaign. . . .there is no better experience than this game Mastered by Jvstin . Alas, the game is full at this time. But don't take my word for it, go and email Jvstin. If you wish a measure of the quality of the play, please take a gander at some of the Character pages, the special power pages, the insider views on the Courts of Chaos, etc. They are excellent, (but make your own call, I wrote some things there, so I'm bias). Included here, is a link to BhangBadea , a most unlikely Amberite, and my own character in Jvstin's game.

For more good Amber information. . . . . more of the Golden Circle, and many other shadows seek at one of the most immense and well organized Link spots on the Golden Circle. . . . . recently reorganized MaBarry's Amber Links Site. And don't ignore the pointers to Campaigns, Powers, Quotes, and other goodies!

For those wandering the Golden Circle trying to figure what all the fuss is about. . . . try this excellent link All Roads Lead to Amber   not the campaign of the same name. . . but a lovely storehouse of Amber-mania.

Fair warning !!!  Wandering thru my notes and paintings will keep your browser busy, honored visitor. Below, find my own pages, marked with orange gems. Connections to Strange Bedfellows, have amethyst gems.

. . .please credit me with images borrowed from my pages. . .

Ah, the Eye of the Storm. . . if you have scrolled to here, you will find you may step into the Eye and be transported elsewhere. . . it changes from time to time. . .

Eye of the Storm

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