the Great Hall

Not so long ago, the Master of Housekeeping at Castle Amber was doing spring cleaning of the Great Hall. Out came the area rugs that Queen Vialle prefers for informal occasions, and the throne that usually sits near the west wall. I spent several afternoons in the musician's loft overlooking the hall in making the sketch from which this painting is made. The King calls this view, "the assassins watch". I understand that there is a historical rational for that name........

I've chosen this position and time to let the afternoon sun paint the floor in this room because I really admire the look of the cut and colored glass on the gold veined green marble. The Hall is usually much darker because the hanging lanterns are so rarely used. Note that the crystal lamps on the far wall burn day and night with no tending. No one seems to know whether they are the work of Dworkin or some other member of the Family.

Great Hall

Since we are now looking at some of the banners of the Golden Circle states perhaps you would like to read  some excellent material collected on those Shadows in the

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