Amber, The Eternal City

Welcome Shadow traveller, you have found your destination. The Golden Circle beckons.

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The Shadows of the Golden Circle are varied and marvelous.

Weigh anchor and set sail. . . you are about to experience the beauty and wonder of the countries that trade with Amber, the Eternal City.

Jvstin has provided an summary of the known Shadows of Strange Bedfellows at his own site for the campaign. If you have any interest in Shadows of the Realm or the kind of plots your own Golden Circle might contain, go take a look, the link is here. For those who have such interest, go to the Shadow Walker's Guide.

"Honored Visitor, may your travels be interesting."

- attributed to Arref Mak

. . .please credit me with images borrowed from my pages. . .

Art and Prose by Arref

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