UnLanded Fey of the K'tch Clan
of the Darkwood Vales

"Kirwyd's not here."

"No, I don't know when."

"Who's asking? Please ta meetcha, I'm Byrlgynt the Boulder, this is my place."

"Who told you it was? No, that's just a joke, it's my place alright. Kirwyd just stays here."

"Off travelling I think. At least I'm pretty sure. It's not like you can be sure where anyone is these days. The Encirclement's down, y'know. Everyone's been heading out, making plans, gettin' silly. You'd think they never saw the mortal lands before. Fire's Breath! I've seen plenty of mortals, you can keep 'em."

"Eh? No, I didn't say that. If you wanna figure that's where Kirwyd's gone, go ahead."

"No. I think I've told you enough. Why don't you move along and we'll still be on speaking terms. Fare you well. Have a nice century."


Darkwood K'tch
ode to Kirwyd

midnight blooming

lavender eyes
may take your measure
bystander sighs
recall past pleasure
wild trellis-rose

ebon fingers
may coax fey smiles if
warm skin lingers
past moonlit guiles if
silken voice

can surmount wit
find tender reaches
k'tch will not quit
your passion teaches
snowmane locks

drape midnight breast
may lips like plum wine
give pause or rest
clear passion willl shine
living one life

kindred trickster
may defy the Fade
hopeful heart stir
to see freedom made
ever defiant!!!



UnLanded Fey

Trump: None known; see above for possible Trump images. Depending on the Artist's own view, of course.

Description: A small, 5'-5" black-skinned figure, obviously fey. Long white locks, eyes twinkling with violet ice and white lashes. A tunic of lavender with silver and gold torc-like traces around the cuffs, hem, and neckline.

What are the Fey like? a small sampling of a meeting:

"Aah. What a pleasure!" Kirwyd smiles, "A honored House. A goodly meeting." Kirwyd looks fondly at the man towering nearby. "This, young Erin, is Lir, Master of the Dashing Regiment, Spearholder, and Queenfriend."

"It was foretold you would be here. I am Kirwyd of the K'tch, foe of Dyreroed, friend to House Faeril, guide to the Darkwood. I am more than what you see and less than what I was."

Kirwyd notes the dust of Erin's gear. Her eyes widen at the small sigil of the white stag, "How interesting. I, too, am a follower of the Stag Seen By Moon. I am amazed to see this practice has captured the hearts of those beyond Faerie." She smiles wider.

Contacts: Little is known about this. Kirwyd is a newcomer to Amber.

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Prose and images by Arref Mak

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