Castle Library

In my own campaign, this room would have to be the most important room in the Castle.


Well, the family gathers here infrequently by comparison to the Dining Room, but the ambiance in the Library is more informal.  More of the family's conferences take place here. Meeting another member of family in residence at the Castle is more likely here, as well. King Random likes the room, as evidenced by his drum set in the corner. This picture below looks from a couple of leather armchairs, to the large wood desk where the Trump decks were stored during the Patternfall years. The spiral stair to the balcony is sturdy despite its light appearance.

Castle Library

And beyond the stair, there in the far corner, is the infamous secret panel that swings aside to allow access to the small stair leading own into the depths of Kolvir.

The books here run a range that attracts the entire family. Benedict has authored some of them. Oberon others. One book on overland trade routes is by Gerard. Some veterinarian texts are collected here by Julian.

Some of the reading material has no known author, but is in the collection because of a Royal's sponsorship. A fun pastime is trying to find out who asked for some of these books to be kept here. Each volume here has its own story. The books have overwhelmed the storage space available in these 60 cases. The archives contain the stored overflow.

In these dark depths, you may find your way along through the caverns to the room containing the Pattern of Amber. If you dare.

Turn back! Before the King's Guards discover your prescence.

So who can resist the beckoning call of the Pattern? Actually, quite some of the most interesting people in the younger generation. In my own campaign running since 1994, one player's existence had been the refusal to have anything to do with either Pattern or Logrus. This character had then made quite a name for herself. Recently, having regained her father and her heritage, she has assayed the Pattern after all.

What is the level of awareness in the Pattern? Doesn't the idea of walking a sentient Pattern give you the shivers? Many campaigns do not acknowledge that the Grand Device has awareness. Only another series of books might have held the answer. For what it might be worth, bear in mind, that Merlin's story is told through his Chaos perceptions (first person), and the Logrus has no love for the Pattern. Could it be that Merlin's distorted perceptions from his Logrus iniation had a profound affect on his tale? Dworkin had his purposes for the work that became the Pattern. If aware, in similar fashion to Ghostwheel, what does the Pattern have in store for Amber?

Every time I set out to draw the Pattern... something interferes. I believe that the reason that many Pattern artifacts hold no more than a small piece of the design, is because there is a mystic limit to the replication of the Pattern. Reflection is possible...... reproduction is not.

A very small section of the Pattern..... a living line of pulsing light... immobile... and yet possessed of amazing powers beyond mortal comprehension...

Don't want to climb all the way back up? Walk the Pattern!"

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