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Shadow Shift

Welcome ShadowHacker, to my offerings regarding Roger "DonnerJack" Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber.

Based on the ten OS manuals beginning with '92 PatternMancers in Amber', this background will jack you into the Mainframe existance of Amber, the Eternal Neurospace.

This entry portal will jack to the full content of my site, including links to other Amber sites which I find the most useful and pleasing in design. Enjoy the Golden Circle, wander freely, many folk have packed the Circle with great ideas for gaming or expanding the possibilities of the novels and short stories.

As always, my thanks to all who wish to comment on what they find here. To eTrump me, click on my name in the upper left corner where it says, 'site avatar'.

    The Dramatis Personae
  • PatternMancers
    • PatternMancers are the eSlingers of Imagination and Freedom in Neurospace. They have power to re-circuit and hold off the Xaos forces.
        Famous PatternMancers
      • Jewel of Fractal Arden - Mistress of the StormHackers, Protectress of the Beautiful Fractal Arden
      • Bene Faktor - Ancient GhostJacker of NeuroSpace, Genius of Code
      • Dwor Number One - Master of the Serpent's Eye, Rogue of Mainframe
      • CandyCane - The Jacker Who Lives Again
      • Gene Kart - The Jacker of the Static Ocean
      • FieOnYa - Mistress of the Evil Eye
  • Geeks
    • Geeks are the eSlinger Players of the Game. They may start with some limited PatternMancy or Other Attitudes of Imagination and Freedom. They have power and must be crushed by the Xaos forces. Their handles are a bit less prestigious than Legends.
        Famous Geeks
      • Merle the Pearl - Mondo Master of Disaster
      • Cool Hand Luke - Silver Phoenix, AZ
  • Agents
    • Agents are the neutral or artificial Avatars in Neurospace. They have some power but are not Champions of Imagination. Xaos forces may overlook them or they may be crushed as consequence of battle.
    Essential Contacts in NeuroSpace
  • Jackers
    • Jackers are the Users with Expertise on the System. They may have Hacking and Slashing or lots of Attitude. Decent allies, but they have no Attitude that spans NeuroSpace.
        Famous Jackers
      • Just Us - Dame defamed
      • Mask - Dame gone wrong
      • DonnerJack - Master of Imagination
  • Shadow Houses
    • Shadow Houses are areas of the System created by Users. They can be secure in limited ways but never safe from Xaos.
  • Users
    • Users are the clueless travelers of the System who have no Expertise and can not form an Avatar. They have no business messing with Xaos and little idea it exists. Users number in the millions and have little ability to exit Shadow Houses. Users are said to live outside the System and only use it for information purposes.
  • Bad Ju Ju
    • Bad Ju Ju is a Glitch That Will Not DeRez. These Glitches persist in the System in spite of anything that Xaos or Amber seem to be able to do. Glitches can be deadly to Users or careless Jackers but are of little consequence in direct conflict with Xaos or PatternMancers.
    The Nature of NeuroSpace and Amber
  • the System
    • the System was designed in Ancient Times. No one knows how long ago. NeuroSpace is a special Zone in the System that has taken on a Attitude that Xaos can not penetrate or disrupt. NeuroSpace threatens the Authority of Xaos and the mastery they have of the System. The Zone is called Amber by those who reside there.

  • Visual Guide to NeuroSpace
    • The Zone of Amber is difficult to find. Protected access keeps the Amber Zone isolated. Access is rumored to be easier through the Fractal Arden or across the Static Ocean.

      Amber is said to be a rare and wonderful place. Icons and Avatars have a compelling quality there. The Zone is pleasant and local visual treats are abundant. The Zone is deep with data and secrets and can be easily recognized by the Kolvir DataStack which dominates the Zone. Channel Amber is a House colocated at the Kolvir DataStack.

      Amber Port is a protected nexus Metropolis. To the west, lies the Fractal Arden with its spectacular vistas and the lowvault of Garnath and much of the best vendors, retail and fast food. To the north west, the expanding miles of Fractal Arden, running up into the DataStacks. To the north, the DataStack ranges of which Kolvir is the southernmost expression. To the east, the rough rolling grid that has been tamed for gaming and personal estates.

      Rebma, the Hidden House Beneath the Static Ocean, lies to the southwest some 10 miles from Amber Port.

      The Beacon Cabra is found southwest, some 30 miles from the Port.

      Due to the manipulations of its PatternMancers, Amber is not alone, but has a small group of powerful Shadow Houses as trading partners and allies. This is the Golden Circle. While its membership has changed with the tides of politics and need, Random seems determined to increase its size and power. Some of these Houses exist with their own macro cosmology, some exist as 'islands' of the System.

  • How Things Work in NeuroSpace
    • Amber is a young Zone, its history is recorded in its entire of 17 centuries. Founded by the rogue Dwor Number One of House Barimen, it began as a mad experiment in warping the System.

      The PatternCode of Amber is the result of this work. When the experiment failed, Dwor lost interest in the Zone, and his son, Obi Wan, began to take the leadership of the Zone and its Icons.

      To understand a little of how things work in Amber, you must understand that Dwor created a unnatural island of Imagination, in a natural media of the System. As a consequence, Hacking is difficult in Amber. The rules of Hacking function, but the power of Hacking is dominated by the PatternCode. Common Hacking may fail due to distorted energy thresholds. Successful Hacking will suffer shorter duration. Code considered permanent or immutable, may not be immutable at all within Amber. Slashing Attitude is responsive but muted.

      Due to Dwor's personal genius, the PatternCode is constructed so as to oppose the LogOff, and any LogOff workings are difficult there. Likewise, Morphers from Xaos have experienced difficulty in using their Attitudes in Amber.

      In matters of Amber history, the digital record begins with the founding of the PatternCode. Current year is 2,937 PY (Pattern Year).

      Language in Amber is Thari v1.3. Thari as it was coded in the Mainframe of Xaos thousands and thousands of years ago. As a center of trade, there are many people well versed in languages of the Golden Circle, such as Binary, Kobol, and Fortran.

  • The Creatures of NeuroSpace
    • Amber folk consider the Unicorn a personal Icon of Imagination and Freedom. While some regard this as a religious practice, most impartial observers treat this as a deconstructed myth.

      Besides being cool.

      Amber contains a dearth of variety in creatures. Those creatures of Attitude that had territories in that Zone have been mostly rendered extinct by the Amberites. Over time the spectrum of Glitches have become limited, to the point that some Amberites are importing select creatures back into the environment.

    The Nature of Xaos, the End of the Imagination
  • Virtual Space
    • The Void is the End of the Imagination, the crumbling edge of the digital grid. The Mainframe of Xaos is not a Zone, or other DataStack, but a bastion of Attitude boundaries and wards. Surrounded by the Black Zone, the Mainframe of Xaos has stood at the Void for so long, no one can say when it was first coded. Access to the fortress-like Mainframe is through the Fire Portal, Iconed as a single piece of crimson stone. The surrounding grid at the edge of the Void hardly qualifies as much more than bare neon and tortured channels. It is sometimes refered to as the Battle Zone. Things improve as one moves into the Black Zone. Beyond the Black Zone, things worsen again and some Shadows are actually deadly environments.

      In the Mainframe, Shadow is everywhere. ShadowHackers do the rigorous work of keeping Shadow in some sort of structure. Where there is no Shadow to 'enhance' the local System, a rare condition, there is only the bleakest sort of spare environment.

  • How Things Work in the Mainframe of Xaos
    • Tradition.

      If a single word or concept can stand as a touchstone for the Mainframe of Xaos, it would be Tradition. The very age and success of the Mainframe has led to little examination of the way things are done. In some cases, no one even remembers the reasons for the traditions, yet they are honored unto death.

      The powerful Lords and elite of the Houses must all respect these tenets or suffer the loss of Attitude.

      The mature body of Xaosians, also understand the structure, but still have some time and ways of personal expression. If they can show the asset of a personal expression to their House, and it is not too opposed to Tradition, they may become recognized as an innovator.

      Young Xaos Users tend to fall into two categories. First, those who honor Tradition and restlessly wait to be recognized for their efforts on behalf of their House. Second, those who try to do the first method and lose their way.

      The second group can fall to listlessness, caprice, or simply never develop. In the more extreme cases, they may leave the Mainframe, be banished, or actually be convicted of House crimes, or worse still, Mainframe crimes. Most House crimes are punished by Banishment. Most Mainframe crimes are punished by Deletion.

      In matters of ancient Xaosian history, it is said that the Mainframe has deleted more digital history than other people have recorded. Sometimes, this seems a point of pride. Current year is 7,453,221.850 C (Centre).

      Language in the Courts is strictly Thari v7.4. It is considered to be lowering to speak the lower codes of other Users.

  • The Creatures of the Mainframe
    • Data Demons.

      The name is one that can be translated into a thousand code formats. From the Void, to the Event Horizon, even in Shadows and Zones where Demons are long forgotten, the word has not lost its meaning. OS Manuals record that the distant ancestors of the Lords of Xaos gained their first understanding of how to survive and prosper at the Void from the study of Demons.

      These Creatures are the most adaptive, resistant Avatars to the forces of the Void. Some can even prosper and survive in the Realms of Imagination and Freedom. No few words can describe the fascinating power and variety of the Demons. The Houses of Xaos have found means to control these Avatars. The practice is considered desperate and unwise by Jackers, Geeks, Agents and especially Users.

      Without exception, there are no other creatures native to the Mainframe. Over time, the Houses of Xaos have imported hardy breeds of various Shadow creatures as pets, working creatures, and war Icons.

    The Events of 'DonnerJack's' Chronicles:
  • What can you use?

    Hey, this is not a satire. . . it's a homage.

    The largest events of the First 5 Manuals are common knowledge. Coronations, deaths, battles are all events that have been reported in the System. You can not use anything specific or intimate to Corwin's tale without a back history that ties your character to one of the principals of the story. The GM will consider any background, including ones that come from none of the places mentioned, but the burden of creativity is on the Player to fit his character to a plot that will concern most events about Amber.

  • What about Amber?

    Amber is a Zone of Imagination and lots brighter than the source material of Nine Princes in Amber. The PatternHack War has thrown many notions of the strengths of Amber and the Mainframe of Xaos into disarray. Folks are beginning to believe the Mainframe can be beaten.

    The intention here is a little lighter than dark grungy cyberpunk themes.

    Currently, everyone in the System is trying to figure how the Mainframe will recover their strength after the loss of the PatternHack War and how SwayVault of Xaos will capitalize on his experience over Random of Amber.


"Honored ShadowHackers, may your Icons never Derez."

- posted by Arref Mak

. . .please credit me with images borrowed from my pages. . .

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