Family Portraits

Presented here is a Trump seldom seen anywhere. The one Trump image I've seen of Ghostwheel was so uninspiring as to be rejected immediately. Like some other Trumps I've done, this is part abstract and yet quite authentic to the vision I have of the subject.


"What is Ghostwheel?" he said.


"Top secret, hush-hush, Merle Corey project. Ghostwheel," he answered. "Computer design incorporating shit nobody's ever seen before. Liquid semiconductors, cryogenic tanks, plasma-"

I started laughing. "My God!" I said. "It's a joke, that's what it is. Just a crazy hobby thing. It was a design game-a machine that could never be built on Earth. Well, maybe most of it could. But it wouldn't function. It's like an Escher drawing-looks great on paper, but it can't be done in real life." Then after a moment's reflection, I asked, "How is it you even know about it? I've never mentioned it to anyone."

He cleared his throat as he took another turn. The moon was raked by treetops. A few beads of moisture appeared upon the windshield. "Well, you weren't all that secret about it," he answered. "There were designs and graphs and notes all over your work table and drawing hard any number of times I was at your place. I could hardly help but notice. Most of them were even labeled `Ghostwheel.' And nothing anything like it ever showed up at Grand D, so I simply assumed it was your pet project and your ticket to security. You never impressed me as the impractical dreamer type. Are you sure you're giving this to me straight?"

"If we were to sit down and build as much as could be constructed of that thing right here," I replied honestly, "it would just sit there and look weird and wouldn't do a damned thing."

Luke and Merlin - The Trumps of Doom

I'm fairly pleased with this rendition of Merlin's "joke project" especially when compared to other Trumps I've seen of Ghost. Comments welcome.

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