Shadows and Substance - Eternal City

Shadows and Substance

Now, it is written that only a prince of Amber may walk among Shadows, though of course he may lead or direct as many as he chooses along such courses. We led our troops and saw them die, but of Shadow I have this to say: there is Shadow and there is Substance, and this is the root of all things. Of Substance, there is only Amber, the real city, upon the real Earth, which contains everything. Of Shadow, there is an infinitude of things. Every possibility exists somewhere as a Shadow of the real. Amber, by its very existence, has cast such in all directions. And what may one say of it beyond? Shadow extends from Amber to Chaos, and all things are possible within it.

---Nine Princes in Amber

In my campaign, a great deal of the story takes place in various Shadows. Whether the Golden Circle, or the various particular Shadows of Elders, there is seldom a month that doesn't go by in which Amber matters require travel into Shadow.

So whether or not Players create their own Shadows, the GM has a hierarchy of such places.

I use a simple expansion of the basic ADRPG rules for Shadows.

Shadows of Desire can substitute for carefully crafted Personal Shadows.

Shadows can be found which have many of these properties at no cost to the Character, but some experience or ability may be required to hold the proper parameters of the search and introduce no errors. Times are relative to Amber.

Shadows of Desire can be found which have general properties matching no higher than 1 or 2 point costs for 1/4 of the above costs. A single quality above 2 points negates this quick search. Errors are to be expected in these faster searches. Times are relative to Amber.

Shadows and Substance

1 2 4 8 rank reality of contents
1       personal shadow minimum cost; specifications defined at creation
  2     shadow of the realm location close to Amber/Other
    4   shadow protean source of othershadow; example: Keep of Four Worlds
      8 shadow primal source of reality; may cast shadows
  protection contents
1       barrier specifications; in, out, both, powers, psyche, trump, pattern, logrus, magic
  2     limited access specifications; place, environment, actions, powers
    4   guardians specifications; place, environment, actions, powers
      8 concealed specifications; place, environment, actions, powers
  control contents
1       alter contents edit interior physical and metaphysical
  2     alter time edit interior relative to Amber/Other reality
    4   alter primal edit interior primal source relation to reality
      8 alter destiny edit exterior location, destiny, relation to reality
 point cost adds; each rank of control includes the functions of ranks of less cost

If you would like to borrow this table design, just link back to my pages with a credit.

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