Shadow Storms

So you are an Amberite and the Universe is your playground. . . . the Courts of Chaos hold vast secrets and great companies of potential enemies. . . . but they are far, far away and have little impact on your plans. . . . on your own, in Shadow or not, you are more than a match for anything in your path. . . .

But it is a big universe. . . .

Fiona, Princess of Amber

"Amber and Chaos are the two poles of existence, as we understand it, . . . . housing as they do the Pattern and the Logrus."

"There have always been wavelike exchanges between Amber and Chaos. This seems to be setting up some interference."

Merlin, King of Chaos

"It's a natural but not too well-understood phenomenon. The best comparison I can think of is a tropical storm. One theory as to their origin has to do with the beat frequencies of waves that pulse outward from Amber and from the Courts, shaping the nature of shadows. Whatever, when such a storm rises it can flow through a large number of shadows before it plays itself out."

Lorius, Prince of Amber

"Shadow Storms? I have to disagree with my mother on the subject. I really don't think Corwin's Pattern has much to do with it at all. At least, it's not generating them directly. These storms are not a phenomenon of Order, and not really the destructive style of Chaos, either. I don't have any data on their frequencies prior to Patternfall, but what I suspect is that their increase in strength and frequency might be, in addition to my cousin's speculation, also due to an hitherto unsuspected source of power in Shadow, akin to something on the order of the Font of Power. Or perhaps even more powerful or odd."

"One thing I have learned is that out of the three possible explanations for something, the most likely explanation is number four."

Within the Chronicles of Amber, Shadow Storms seldom seem to figure directly into the plot. Well, not unitl Fiona and Mandor take an interest in them being manipulated by some third party unknown. Even so, this particular plot line takes place largely, ( or conveniently? ), off stage and we see little of it.

In My Campaign, it is foolish to believe that one might pursue the higher initiations of Pattern or Logrus without having a healthy interest in the power of Shadow Storms. Anyone who might look to limit, manipulate or control Shadow Storms is dealing indirectly with the most potent forces recognized in the Universe.

If Merlin's analogy were close to the truth. . . . what can one do in the face of a Shadow Storm except ride it out? The actual forces have been present all along (in this analogy) and have built slowly to the point where the magnitude of the power needed to deflect the phenomena is greater than an individual might possess.

But what if Shadow Storms were more like gravity wells in behavior? What would represent the 'mass' around which the Storm would move? What would represent the local massive distortion and/or disruption of the equilibrium between Logrus and Pattern.

Nothing that we see in Shadow. Well then, what about UnderShadow?

Yes. What if the struggle of titanic forces below Shadow, had its reflection in the workings of Shadow above? UnderShadow does seem to be a place where Pattern and Logrus might have no representation, but disruptive influence. I feel that we may assume the reverse to be true. . . . that in the universe above, Something, if not UnderShadow itself, has no representation, but disruptive influence.

Since Shadow Storms do seem to follow the behavior of weather 'fronts'. . . . traversing Shadow. . . . posing hazard and damage in some shadows along the way, but still being capricious enough to skip over or rend little damage to other places they have passed through. . . . if blind channce rules them, perhaps there is no reason to fear them at all.

Everyone talks about the weather. . . . but no one does anything about it.

You hope.

BhangBadea of Ersia

"Shadow Storms. . . . well, at a distance you would mistake them for a more natural occurence, until you feel the prickling of your skin. . . . the most curious aspect is what may be affected by their passage. . . . time or substance I have seen warped."

"And a word of warning for those with the Power. . . don't try to Shadow Shift away from the effect. . . there is nothing quite so awkward as being overrun by the danger you sought to escape. . ."

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