Castle Amber Interiors

Actually staying in Castle Amber can be thrilling though hectic with interruptions. While it might be said to normally be a quiet and orderly place, when things happen there, they happen with a goodly amount of vigor and thunder.

I was given a quite spartan apartment for my own upon my intial visit. It was nearly six months before I found my own flat down in the city, as fine housing is difficult for visitors to come by. Below is a rough sketch of the guest quarters I had during that first period in the castle. Rooms on the outer wall are reserved for royal or visiting dignitaries of friendly kingdoms. This room came with desk, chairs and bookshelves. The shelves were already half full with an eclectic collection. By the time of this sketch, months later, I had acquired the rug from town, the tapestry from a Lady friend, and the extra books and uni-globe from my own limited purse.

Visitor's Apartment

While my town apartments have so much more space and the added benefit of sunlight and views, this room was quite cozy. A scholar requires little more than that, and Amber offers its best, no matter where you lay your head.

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