Romances and Relationships

Amber is known for its complex and eccentric relationships. Who are the people that can keep immortal romances alive with the scions of Amber? Are they the most interesting Lovers in shadow?

Detailed here are important companions in my campaign and sketches of the relationships.





the Owen













The Lovers

Tatasha (Helena Christenson)

Tatasha is the High Mother of the Weir of shadow Aes.

Tatasha is the spiritual head of state and final arbiter of the clans. Her temperment is like Mother Nature; capable of the bounty and warmth of a summer field of wheat, or as harsh and unforgiving as a typhoon. Like many Weir, she is a bit "in your face" and folks don't have tepid reactions to her.

Tatasha resembles Faiella in some ways, being dark-haired, pale, and quite athletic. She projects tangible personality and makes friends quickly. She was married to Eric in a secret ceremony in Amber, her son, Evander, has a claim to the throne of Amber and Aes.

She commands arcane abilities in Aes, but in Amber, she is limited in the magic she can draw.

Tatasha's affection for Eric has actually caused some family to re-evaluate their opinions of the dead king.

Tatasha's lifemate was:


Vivant (Yae)

Vivant was a noble woman married to the Caliph of the distant shadow Qadir.

She is the mother of Shapir, acknowledged son of Julian. Shapir was conceived of a torrid single encounter many years ago during the Patternfall War. Yet, Julian learned of his birth only after the war and immediately took a hand in Shapir's training. This brought Vivant and Julian back into extended contact.

But it was many years before the Caliph passed away and Vivant abdicated her throne in favor of her offspring. Not long after this, she was invited to Amber by Julian. Today she lives in Arden with Julian in the Tanglebranch Mansion.

Private and elegant as Julian, Vivant seems to be a graceful friend to other women of Amber and quiet around the men. Her shadow's role for women was a submissive one, but there is strength in Vivant-- and wisdom. She is slender and dark to Julian's pale gleaming handsomeness. There is some elemental magic in her heritage; some strange blood many generations removed.

She seems to be an excellent match for Julian, and yet he has not married her. What this means is pure guesswork.

Vivant's lover is:


The Lovers

The Lovers

Lorelei (S. Fenn)

A mysterious woman, who Corwin married in his fey-realm of the Argent Pattern.

Winning the heart of a prince of Amber is no faint task. Corwin has admitted he now has three children by Lorelei, and many grandchildren. This woman seems to have wrought some subtle change in Corwin.

She has midnight blue hair and has fey blood through her mother, who is queen of another realm within the Pattern of Corwin's design. Under the lights of Paris, you can see stars in Lorelei's tresses. Thinner than a prima ballerina, but Lorelei is hale enough to give Corwin three strong offspring.

Somewhere beyond the Argent Rose Pattern are the answers to this romance.

Lorelei's lover is:


Vialle (J. Connelly)

The royal romance, Vialle of Rebma and Random of Amber.

Vialle. Strong enough to join her husband in the dungeons of King Eric. Handicapped by vision, but not by understanding of her man. Former ward of Moire, and now Queen and friend to the women of Amber, Vialle has a great many supporters. Many people in the family have re-evaluated their estimates of the King based on Vialle's loyalty and quiet support.

The Queen has studied mental arts with tutors and is a good Trump receiver despite her blindness.

Vialle: passion to captivate the King of the Eternal City.

Vialle's King and husband is:


The Lovers

The Lovers

the Owen (Joan Jett)

A natural-born citizen of Amber and former sergeant of infantry at Patternfall. Her nickname was given to her by recruits that she trained. She refuses to use her birth name. Returned to Amber with the veterans; shortly thereafter taken on a picnic by General Prince Gerard. Hijinxs ensued.

The Owen bore a daughter, Owen, almost a year later-- but the sergeant had already quit the army and disappeared into the countryside of Amber before anyone knew she was pregnant. The Owen has admitted privately that she never wanted a life at court. Never wanted marriage to a man of royalty. In particular never imagined herself as anything more than a fling of Gerard's. For this and other reasons, she elected to disappear.

When Gerard tracked her down six years later, she forbid his involvement in her daughter's life. The Owen also refused the prince's marriage proposals for the next thirteen years. It was with dogged effort that Gerard changed her mind.

The Owen's spouse is:


Audrey Mac Allister (Camryn Manheim)

Is it a romance? No one is Officially Sure. There are some questions that don't get asked.

Audrey. Physically imposing and as lively as any woman who knows her own strengths can be. She has had several successful careers in shadow; archivist, freelance columnist, film-maker, documentary producer, and 'talent' mentor. Audrey can be a biting wit, but she is polite and well-received at official events in Amber. She makes friends carefully.

Some say she has a touch of witchery in her blood. Certainly she has a rare good humor that is almost infectious.

Audrey's companion is:


The Lovers

The Lovers

Carmella (Salma Hayek)

A former noblewoman of the Golden Circle, her family still holds the throne of Montenegro-- while she has lived several centuries past normal life expectancy.

Carmella is not always socially graceful, nor does she seem to try too much. Despite her knowledge of court matters, her keen mind, and her flip manner, she is the sarcastic leavener to her employer's warm friendly manners. Carmella often plays the jester or gopher to her liege's elegant "necessities."

Contessa Carmella de Montenegro is the seneschal to Princess Florimel. She is also a sorceress of some skill.

Carmella's liege is:


Leila (M. Pfeiffer as Louise Brooks]

Senior companion in the household. Wife by common law.

Leila was a huntress of a nomadic horse-clan in shadow. Her skills with blade and tracking were a legend.

Leila's companion is:


The Lovers

The Lovers

Duchess (Debra Paget)

A former territorial governor of a star empire. Wife by common law and second senior of the household.

Once a top aviation test-pilot and aerodynamics engineer, Duchess became mayor of a port-of-call planet after heroism in battle. In years following, she was elected planetary governor, and then was confirmed by the Imperial Senate as territorial governor. She is the unofficial spokesperson for the companions of Bleys.

Duchess' companion is:


Roxanne (Rosario Dawson]

Better known as 'Chocolate'. Third senior companion in the household. Wife by common law.

Roxanne was a career officer in the mech-armored cavalry and commando trained. She met Bleys while working as a government operative after retiring from active service.

Roxanne's companion is:


The Lovers

The Lovers

Aether (Lysette Anthony)

A naval officer of a private merchant fleet. Wife by common law and fourth senior of the household.

Aether was also a researcher and empathic psionic in a renaissance shadow. Her unusual mental abilities do not exist in Amber.

Aether's companion is:


Iko (Kelly Hu]

Fifth senior companion in the household. Wife by common law.

Iko was a university professor of antiquities. She studied arcane theory in a magic-poor shadow that had suffered ecological collapse of its magic base.

Iko's companion is:


The Lovers

The Lovers

Kent Merton (Gabriel Byrne)

Personable with striking looks, Kent was a young admirer of many noble ladies. He enjoyed success and a busy social calendar into his late twenties. A second son of a country noble family, Kent received a 'classic' tutored education on his family's estate.

When Kent's father agreed to employ the Owen as a huntsmaster, Kent first met the teenage Owen.

Owen was young, socially backward, and had a slight aversion to all things associated with young girls. Owen participated in some tutoring studies with Kent's sisters and enjoyed outdoor activities with Kent and his country noble circle.

A case of opposites attracting. Neither Kent nor Owen were aware of the building chemistry until one enchanted evening some twelve years after they first met. A late party at the Merton city townhouse revealed their strong attraction. They became engaged soon after and have become inseparable. Kent's bachelor party is said to have "raised the bar" for such events in Amber.

Like Owen, Kent has studied medicine at the shadow university of Glantri. Some years ago, King Random appointed Kent to a court post as Secretary of Commerce based on a shadow trip Kent made to the Golden Circle.

Kent's spouse is:


DeWinter (Brendan Fraser]

Second son of Deela the Desacratrix. Unknown and un-regarded by most in Amber since the battles that put Deela in her grave.

An common mercenary captain approached Cassandra of Amber with thoughts about keeping "touch" with events in Amber. While Cassandra did not cooperate, she kept the matter fresh in King Random's mind and tried to tease out more information about his mysterious offer.

It turned out to be the beginning of a running clash of wills between DeWinter, the unknown captain, and the princess of Mycenea. Somehow, in eccentric style, these two feisty no-nonsense people fell into nonsense with each other. Their marriage was attended by three attacking armies and the bride was shot by assassins-- somewhat typical of their courtship.

DeWinter is considered a dangerous man in many shadows and is a master of Broken Pattern (a fact which influences everything he touches according to his wife.)

DeWinter's spouse is:


The Lovers

The Lovers

Salat (Angie Everhart)

A short-order tavern cook of the Five Sister Isles, Salat was a hard-working wench of the Golden Circle's southern seas. The pirates that used the Five Sisters as port of call held life-or-death control over the town where Salat worked.

When young Stargazer joined the crew of the 'Petty Schemer', he met Salat at the local watering hole and found her good company though she was fifteen years his senior. Just a few years later, Stargazer planned to escape the pirate brotherhood, for no one "retired" from that life.

Salat helped the sixteen year old; volunteered to go with him; suggested the city of Brassvine as a place they could lose themselves. She was always there with advice when he needed a more "common view" of how the world worked. They made a great team: Stargazer's brawn and Salat's common sense. After some years at university in Brassvine, Salat and Stargazer found themselves in Amber.

Another woman might have been overwhelmed by finding that her boy-pirate-cum-laude was also a prince of Amber (certainly Stargazer was a bit). Instead, Salat got herself a job in the kitchens of Castle Amber and made a point of being around for Stargazer. After some years, Salat became pregnant and the couple married.

Tragically, after giving Stargazer a second son, Salat was killed in a violent attempt on Stargazer's life. She was buried in the family cemetary on Kolvir.

Salat's spouse was:


Selsienna (Maureen O'hara]

Selsienna was a minor noble of the Court of Embre, that "far southern shadow" of Amber.

In a scheme to manipulate Stargazer to provide a heir of Amber blood to Embre, Selsienna was commanded by Queen Clarissa to impersonate Princess Fiona. For some time then, Stargazer met Selsienna privately in Tir, the prince thinking that this was how 'Fiona' wished to protect the privacy of her assignations with Stargazer.

The plot nearly succeeded as Selsienna became pregnant, but the impersonation was discovered in time and Stargazer prevented Selsienna from returning to Clarissa's court.

The child, Aurora, was born in Amber and acknowledged by Prince Stargazer. After some time, Selsienna was established as Stargazer's consort and head of his household, though no one believes that she replaces Salat in his heart. Selsienna is Stargazer's common law wife.

Selsienna's companion is:


The Lovers

The Lovers

Beth (Rachael Leigh Cook)

Bethany Kitoparts of Metropolis: bodyguard, gal friday, and confidant.

Beth was a solid friend to those 'Youngers' of Amber that went to Metropolis to visit the personal shadow of Martin during those years that Random and Martin had agreement about Martin keeping a low-profile out of Amber.

Martin was a great host of visiting Youngers; knew great places to hang out. Great ability to make folks comfortable-- and one gal pal who stuck by him through every girlfriend, every party, every new experience that Martin tried on for fit. She plugged-in when a new music trend grabbed his interest. She danced the clubs until her shoes gave out. She was his bodyguard, lover, live-in housekeeper. She could rumble with the best. She could keep up with any amberite. She could kick ass better than Martin. She never grew old or questioned her boss' strange relatives. In fact, visiting Youngers in the campaign got to know her and like her for her loyalty and great sense of humor.

Beth was an android, rebuilt from scratch by Martin. She was the perfect companion. Martin knew he could trust her. He'd programmed her himself.

Then Martin actually fell in love with her. And there was no way she could ever come to Amber-- because there she was just two hundred and thirty pounds of immovable junk.

Random didn't like it. He mentioned this to Martin on occasion. They argued, but Random never pressed very hard. Of course, was Martin really in love? Or was he in love with the idea of a completely dedicated, trustworthy lover? Family wondered. So did Martin, though his respect for his gal Friday precluded talking about it openly.

Her intelligence and affection for Martin were never in question. Martin's didn't seem to be either.

She understood how he might disappear for years at a time. She valued him more than her own life. She even knew that he wasn't completely happy with the fact that his family probably considered her a toy; a psychological prop to ease the pain of Brand's attack on Martin's confidence and his damaged sense of intimate relationships. A talking vibrator. A shadowy exercise in self-love. Despite that, with a grin and a shrug, she loved him and kept him safe.

She died to keep him safe. Beth is buried in the family cemetary on Kolvir. She finally got to Amber.

Beth's lover was:


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