This work is presented as background to campaign for FTF and AmberCon scenarios.
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Beyond Ygg, near to the Courts of Chaos lies a center of power that was born of desperation and tenacity, urgency and hope.

The Pattern Design of Prince Corwin of Amber.

What lies within the Design? Amber family have been denied access to this Pattern of Corwin's. Yet, Merlin, Rinaldo, and Jurt have walked it and may know more of the Shadows within the Argent Rose. Obviously, few can assay the Device. Few have dared the fatal consequence of exploring that path unwelcome.

Prince Corwin, like many of his brethren, is a complex figure of a man. What kind of World, what Shadows has he created?

The Current State of the Argent Rose

Paris. The year is 1923. An age of wonder and contentment has come upon the world. The modern vision of great bards like Jules Verne has begun to see realization. The world hub for artistry, genius, and innovation is the banks of the river Seine. Paris.

The ancient Muses have descended once again to earth. Motorcars. Aeroplanes. High speed trains. Steamships. Amazing painting and sculpture. Sublime furniture and buildings. Fantastic music and theatre.

Women are full partners in society. Lénaïg Fenneval is the President of France. Josephine Baker is about to become the toast of Europe. Sarah Bernhardt is Director Emeritus of the Théâtre de la Renaissance. Coco Chanel is dominating elegant fashion.

Men are exploring the last frontiers of the globe. Aeroplane expeditions to the South Pole are planned for the next year. French Aviator Etienne Oehmichen has made the first helicopter flight. Rafael Sabatini's adventure novel Scaramouche is a bestseller. Johnny Weissmuller, the American athlete, is first to break the one-minute mark in the 100-meter swim. In Egypt, the breath-taking discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun has electrified the world. Le Mans, France has held its first 24-hour Grand Prix auto race. Corwin Fenneval is the Heir Royal, and therefore, head of state of France. He is the Argent Rose.

Paris draws the best and brightest of the world. Picasso, Lurçat, Henry Miller, Anaïs Nin, Salvador Dali, Ernest Hemingway, Claude Monet, Edith Piaf, Maurice Ravel, George Balanchine, and Renoir.

France plans to put a manned ethercraft into orbit around the planet before July 14, 1929, the 140 year anniversary of the last Rose King establishing the constitution and the French Parliment.

The world has met and conquered the Darkness in the Soul. The Courts of Stigma has been vanquished to the other side of the Eventide Veil. Having almost possessed the Kaiser of Germany and started a war, the Dark Stigma is defeated. Still, France is vigilant.

The Dramatis Personae

Argent Elders

Corwin Fenneval, Royal Heir of the Rose King, Head of State to the Argent Realm. Tall, white streaks accenting blue black hair, deep eyes, a smile that melts hearts, and a brooding soul.

Lorelei Danaé, Princess of the Zephyr Silk, Royal Consort to the Heir. Tall, black hair flat as night, long as she is tall. Large green eyes, cool disposition, Lorelei is eldest daughter of the Muse Queen of the Zephyr Silk.

Danaé, Muse Queen of the Zephyr Silk, Guardian of the Argent Rose. Tall, slender to an inhuman degree, large faerie eyes of night and stars, skin the color of blued steel. Danaé lives in the Primal Argent Realm of Zephyr Paris. Reachable only through secret ways known to the Fenneval family.

Argent Parents

Lénaïg, eldest daughter of Corwin and Lorelei. Currently President of France. Popular leader of the Progressive Party.

Dion, eldest son of Corwin and Lorelei. Explorer and alchemist.

Laurent, youngest son of Corwin and Lorelei. Marshall of Armies for Argent France.

Younger Cousins

The Players

:: note that family slang makes "loose" definition of 'cousin' :: for purposes of our polite game , bloodlines are not inquired into too closely

Foreign Powers

Exploration of the globe is exciting in this modern age.

George V of Great Britain is the peacemaker of the Stigma Clash of 1914. The Archduke Francis Ferdinand's assassination in 1914 nearly plunged the entire of Europe into war.

Ghandi is the Prime Minister of India.

Max Planck is the Minister of Science in Germany.

Czar Nicholas is on the throne of the Russian Empire, which has survived the recent attack of Stigma inspired revolutionists.

Albert Einstein, who received the Nobel prize in 1921, is the Minister of Science in Switzerland.

Norway and Greece have formulated new governments and joined the Argent Alliance as constitutional monarchies.

A young Manchu Emperor has reclaimed the dynastic throne in China, after years of a mismanaged republic.

Warren G. Harding is the President of the United States of America, where the financial markets are spurring the economy of the world to prosperity.

The Nature of France, the Argent Realm

France is an unchanging glory of creativity and happiness. It is the leading country in the greater body of Europe. Its statesmen, artists, soldiers, and athletes are considered to be the finest in the world.


France is a middle sized country in a northern clime on a planetary body. The climate is temperate, but the seasons can sometimes be extreme. The regions of France vary considerably from wine growing perfection to primal forests. Paris is the capital of France, some would say the world.

France has a temperate climate, and is made up of four broad climatic zones: the humid seaboard zone west of the line Bayonne-Lille with cool summers; a semi-continental zone with cold winters and hot summers in Alsace-Lorraine, along the rhodanian corridor and in the mountainous massifs (Alps, Pyrénées, Massif Central); an intermediate zone with cold winters and hot summers in the North, the Paris region and the central region; and a Mediterranean zone with mild winters and very hot summers in the south of France.

Paris is a river city. To the west, lies the Eure River and the town of Chartres. To the north west, the Seine River and heavy forest. To the north, the Oise River and the town of Chantilly. To the east, the rough rolling country that has been tamed for herding and vineyards, the Marne River and the town of Meaux.

Argent France is not alone, but has a small group of powerful countries as trading partners and allies. This is the Argent Alliance. While its membership has changed with the tides of politics and need, it is currently all of Europe to the Ural Mountains, from the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean Sea.

Visual Guide to France

The Eiffel Tower (307 meters) which symbolizes Paris for the whole world, was built for the Universal Exhibition in 1889 and is considered a masterpiece of its kind. From the third floor there is panoramic view of Paris and Ile de France to a radius of 70 km.

On holidays, the Tower is lit as shown in the photo here.

Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements that spiral out like a snail shell from the first, centered around the Louvre, of which certain quarters (Montmartre, Montparnasse, the Marais) are real villages within the city. The traditional separation of Paris into Left and Right Bank, between the world of business and the world of culture, is somewhat valid. The Left Bank groups most of the Universities and the famous Paris arts cafés at Saint-Germain-des-Prés (Café de Flore, Les Deux Magots).

Delightful magics cling to the darkened streets of Paris. Lovers seem to know the best spots to find peace and beauty both in equal parts.

Women are no exception when it comes to alcohol and pleasure-seeking in Montparnasse, and in the view of some, they dominate the quarter. The American writer William Carlos Williams has observed that "The men merely served as their counterfoils". They indulge in the same abandonment as many of the men. The bohemian British artist Nina Hamnett described how during the pre-war July 14th celebrations she borrowed a jersey and corduroy trousers from Modigliani, went to the Rotonde and danced in the street all night.

The cafés and bars of Montparnasse are a vital meeting place where new ideas are hatched and mulled over. By night Modigliani, a notorious night prowler, can be found drinking cheap red wine and sketching ideas for his sculptures and paintings. In the afternoons Ezra Pound and Ford Madox Ford play chess on the terrace of the Dôme, which is also frequented by Braque and André Derain, and occasionally Picasso and Matisse.

Most holidays begin true celebration at night.

On Saturday nights Cocteau, Milhaud and other composers and poets visit the Parisian fairgrounds, music-halls and circuses together, to be enthralled by the barrage of sounds that assault the ears all at once.

Picasso and the composer Erik Satie doodle on napkins and tablecloths cooking up ideas for their collaborations, and by the light of a street gaslight Satie is feverishly scribbling in his notebook.

The cafés at the centre of Montparnasse's night-life are the Dôme, La Rotonde, Le Selecte, and Le Coupole which are all on the Boulevard de Montparnasse. The Metro Vavin station is conveniently close by.

The Dôme in particular is popular with the English and Americans. Their normal day starts with breakfast at the Dôme after which they go about their business until the afternoon when they return again to the café's terrace as a prelude to the night's activities.

Paris in this era is probably the most liberal place in Europe. It certainly is a lot more easy-going than the United States, where prohibition rules. There is also a more liberal attitude to sex. Homosexuality and promiscuity does not mean the instant rejection from society that it would mean in many parts of the World. Gertrude Stein's partner is the writer Alice B. Toklas and they have a well-known open relationship.

In fact, if they dare, the 'modern' woman can smoke, drink and have all sorts of freedom. The beautiful American nicknamed 'Kiki de Montparnasse' is a model posing nude as well as clothed, for many famous artists of the day including Man Ray. She is an appropriate symbol of the free sexual attitudes and bohemian behaviour, but her activities are reported as scandal in the USA.

River water shimmers with pure grace at night. The senses are no less captured when the shadowy banks are only a world of sensuous smells and delicate sounds.

But the soft sunshine of day is no less enchanting than the long nights.

How Things Work in France

France is an old kingdom, its history is recorded in its entire of 19 centuries. While the Rose King no longer rules in France, still the Fenneval Family holds residence in the Ile de la Cité. The Fenneval castle is known as the Palais de Justice.

The senior Fenneval is Corwin. Creator of the Argent Rose Pattern.

To understand a little of how things work in France, you must understand that Art and Passion rule this City of Lights. The highest celebration of personal contribution to society is to be attendant on the Muses. Magic is rare but grand in Argent France. The rules of magic function, but the power of magic is filtered by the Argent Pattern. Common magics are supported by alchemical science. Successful magics of great scale are the rarest of all. Few living practitioners of magic can reproduce the feats of history. But alchemical science provides comforts that can be mass produced for the citizens of modern Europe.

Due to Corwin's personal bias, the Argent Pattern is constructed so as to oppose the Stigma, and any Stigma workings are difficult there. Likewise, shapeshifters have experienced difficulty in using their natural abilities in France. The closer to Paris they move, the more difficulty they experience.

Language in France is French. The secret tongue of Fenneval power is Thari . As a center of trade, there are many people well versed in languages of the Argent Alliance.

Special Note: time in Argent France is unlike Amber or the Courts of Chaos. The nights in the realm are five times longer than the days. While the cycle of the clock is still 24 hours-- the 'ticks' of the clock are rigged to move slowly thru the night. As a result, lovers have that much more time, families spend evenings walking the boulevards and parks, genius can burn multiplied through the long night. Paris, the City of Lights, is a twinkling faerie place when the sun goes down. The year is a normal 365 "days", but the objective time is 1095 days. Normal sleep is about 10 hours on the 'dayclock', 2 hours on the 'nightclock'. People enjoy grazing meals thru the evening, light dining at 9pm, 12pm, and 3am. All of this changes slightly with the seasons.

Corwin has been gone from Amber for over 54 years, this time equates to 18 years in Argent France. While the history of Argent France would indicate that the Rose King and the family Fenneval reaches back prior to 1789, Corwin has only been settled there for 18 years.

As such, note that Corwin courted Lorelei for a year and married her in 1906. Lénaïg was born 3 months later and is 17 years old, (51 Amber Pattern years). Dion is 16 years old. Laurent is 15 years old. Majority is 5 years old for citizens of France. Average lifespan in France seems to be 50 to 75 years. The further away from Paris, the less this is true.


The Creatures of France

France considers the Unicorn a signet of the noble family of Amber. The Argent Rose King is related to this fabled bloodline.

France harbors a range of wildlife that brings hunters and outdoorsman from the entire Argent Alliance. Those creatures of Power that had territories in the realm have been mostly rendered extinct by the methods of science and alchemy.

The Nature of Stigma, the Dark of the Universe

The common people of France consider the Courts of Stigma to be an evil fey realm. A dark gothic nightmare land. The Courts are not considered to be someplace Real like France.

Access to the Courts is quite limited. The Courts are a living manifestation of the conflict under which Corwin created the Argent Design during the PatternFall War.  


The Abyss is the End of the Universe, the crumbling edge of the living multiverse. The Courts are not a globe, or other planetary mass, but a bastion of arcane boundaries and wards. Surrounded by the Black Zone, the Courts of Stigma have stood at the Abyss for so long, no one can say when they were first raised up. Access to the fortress-like Courts is through the Fire Gate, carved from a single piece of crimson stone. The surrounding terrain at the edge of the Abyss hardly qualifies as much more than bare stone and tortured waste. Things improve as one moves into the Black Zone. Beyond the Black Zone, things worsen again and some Shadows are actually deadly environments.

In the Courts, Shadow is everywhere. Shadow Masters do the rigorous work of keeping Shadow in some sort of structure. Where there is no Shadow to 'enhance' the local reality, a rare condition, there is only the bleakest sort of spare environment.

  How Things Work in the Courts of Stigma


If a single word or concept can stand as a touchstone for the Courts of Stigma, it would be Tradition. The very age and success of the Courts has led to little examination of the way things are done. In some cases, no one even remembers the reasons for the traditions, yet they are honored unto death.

The powerful Lords and elite of the Houses must all respect these tenets or suffer the loss of power.

The mature body of Stigmatics, also understand the structure, but still have some time and ways of personal expression. If they can show the asset of a personal expression to their House, and it is not too opposed to tradition, they may become recognized as an innovator.

Young people tend to fall into two categories. First, those who honor tradition and restlessly wait to be recognized for their efforts on behalf of their House. Second, those who try to do the first method and lose their way.

The second group can fall to listlessness, caprice, or simply never develop. In the more extreme cases, they may leave the Courts, be banished, or actually be convicted of House crimes, or worse still, Royal crimes. Most House crimes are punished by Banishment. Most Royal crimes are punished by Execution.

In matters of ancient Stigmatic history, it is said that the Courts have forgotten more history than other people have recorded. Sometimes, this seems a point of pride.

Language in the Courts is strictly Thari . It is considered to be lowering to speak the lower tongues of other lands.

  The Creatures of the Abyss


The name is one that can be translated into a thousand languages. Even in countries and cultures where Demons are long forgotten, the word has not lost its meaning. Legend has it, that the distant ancestors of the Lords of Stigma, gained their first understanding of how to survive and prosper at the Abyss from the study of Demons.

These Creatures are the most adaptive, resistant sentients to the forces of the Abyss. Some can even prosper and survive in the Realms of Form and Science. No few words can describe the fascinating power and variety of the Demons. The Houses of Stigma have found means to control these beings. The practice is considered desperate and unwise in the Argent Alliance.

Without exception, there are no other creatures native to the Abyssal Realms. Over time, the Houses of Stigma have imported hardy breeds of various Shadow creatures as pets, working creatures, and war tools.

The Nature of Amber, the True Realm

The people of France consider Amber to be a bright fey realm. A golden but contested land. Amber is not considered to be someplace Real like France.

Access to Amber is quite limited. Amber is quite Real, of course, but may have no affect on characters within the Argent Shadows. No one may walk the Argent Design without Corwin's permission.  


Amber is an inhabited single continent on a planetary body. The climate is temperate, but the seasons can sometimes be extreme. The region is very mountainous, and Mount Kolvir is not the highest peak in the range, though it is the most massive.

Amber Port is a protected harbor city. To the west, lies the fertile valley of Garnath and much of the best farming country. To the north west, the expanding miles of Arden, running up into the mountains. To the north, the mountain ranges of which Kolvir is the southernmost expression. To the east, the rough rolling country that has been tamed for herding and vineyards.

Rebma lies to the southwest, some 10 miles from Amber Port.

Cabra is found southwest, some 30 miles from the harbor.

Due to the manipulations of its Pattern Masters, Amber is not alone, but has a small group of powerful countries as trading partners and allies. This is the Golden Circle. While its membership has changed with the tides of politics and need, King Random seems determined to increase its size and power. Some of these countries exist with their own planetary cosmology, some exist as 'islands' of reality.

  How Things Work in Amber

Amber is an old kingdom, its history is recorded in its entire of 17 centuries. Founded by the Exile Dworkin of House Barimen, it began as a grand experiment in enhancing Reality.

The Pattern of Amber is the result of this work. When the experiment succeeded, Dworkin moved on to other projects and passed the Land to his son, Oberon. Since Oberon's death, Random has taken the throne.

To understand a little of how things work in Amber, you must understand that Dworkin created a glorious island of Form, in a natural media of Flux. As a consequence, magic is rare in Amber. The rules of magic function, but the power of magic is filtered by the Pattern. Common magics may fail due to distorted energy thresholds. Successful magics will suffer shorter duration. Spells considered permanent or immutable, may not be immutable at all within Amber. Most powers are responsive but muted.

Due to Dworkin's personal bias, the Pattern is constructed so as to oppose the Logrus, and any Logrus workings are difficult there. Likewise, shapeshifters have experienced difficulty in using their natural abilities in Amber.

In matters of Amber history, the written record begins with the founding of the Pattern. Current year is 1,591 PY (PatternYear).

Language in Amber is Thari. Thari as it was spoken in the Courts of Stigma thousands and thousands of years ago. As a center of trade, there are many people well versed in languages of the Golden Circle, such as Bica, Frahk, and Ang .

  The Creatures of Amber

Amber considers the Unicorn a member of the Family. Learned observers treat this as a deconstructed myth.

Amber contains a dearth of variety in creatures. Those creatures of Power that had territories in that realm have been mostly rendered extinct by the Amberites. Over time the spectrum of wildlife has become limited, to the point that some Amberites are importing select creatures back into the environment.

On Shadow and Substance

Guidelines for playing within my vision of Amber.

I like the Four Stat system. I think it works well. The one thing it can't do is make the Player the kind of expert heroic model that he/she is portraying. So work with me, explain what and why you think your plans will succeed. The reason this is important is that I put spin on all of the Powers, major and minor. If your concept skews away from mine, and you don't partner with me, you will be fighting against the Universe. This is OK if you have tons of Bad Stuff, that's the way my Stuff works. My intention is always to make your experience flow directly from your input.

With the above said, I treat all Powers (including the ones that are Hidden) as being equal in strength. This is important because I also treat the Stats as Powers. What does that mean for the Player? It means that 50 points of Endurance is worth as much as Pattern somehow in the balance of things. That may be hard to conceptualize. Pattern gives you the keys to the Universe. How can Endurance compare to that? Good question. The idea is it's your PC. . . You tell me. If I give you an answer. . . you will be cheated of your own discoveries of the Powers. Maybe the answer is . . . some Powers are more equal than others.

Now this doesn't mean that a 20 Psyche can ignore 15 points of Sorcery. I'm not talking about number crunching exercises. What I'm trying to do in my game is show that all Powers are valid depending on their use and expertise applied. Inventive application of Sorcery can defeat twice the Psyche in my game, if you have a better plan, more luck, etc., etc., and so forth.

I do accept partial Powers, generally as added to the basic versions. I am very flexible on Items, Creatures and smArtifacts™ .

I do accept Broken Pattern, Fixed Logrus, Lesser Trump, Shaman Shaping, Cursed Gleaming and any other of the Bad Stuff Powers you might want. Costs are not exactly per the ADRPG. You will pay half the stated costs of the normal Power when you take the Bad Stuff version. You also automatically get 5 points of Bad Stuff. No PC can have two Powers with Bad Stuff attached per this ruling, the result is just too nasty for me to arbitrate.

Besides, 10 points of Stuff (Bad or Good) is my maximum. Which brings us to Stuff itself and how I plan to use it. I've heard all kinds of interpretations on Stuff. The one I use is the perceptual interpretation. How do people see your PC, and how does the PC see the world? This means that people's first impression of a Stuff character is bent towards what kind of Stuff they have. You can play villains with Good Stuff, people will trust you initially. You can play heroes with Bad Stuff, people will be nervous with you initially. And of course, you can play your outward actions matching your Stuff. Think in terms of the Story that you wish your PC to be telling me (the GM) and others , and match your Stuff totals to that story. This means you have to tell the GM something meaningful about your PC's nature in order that you and I agree on the Stuff factor.

I'll use Elders for examples.
Benedict ( IMC ) is a Bad Stuff character. It seems that clouds and trouble follow him. This doesn't tell you anything about his deepest nature, but it tells you that he treats the world as an unknown place. People need to be watched, measured, and their motives are suspect until proven incontrovertibly. Benedict could be a sadist or a saint and still outwardly act this way. But in my campaign, this also means that Benedict himself is always suspect.
Gerard ( IMC ) is a Good Stuff character. Sunshine and fortune smile on him. This doesn't tell you anything about his deepest nature, but it tells you that he treats the world as a known place. People are people and their actions always are pretty much like they need to be to get by. Some you trust, some you don't, mostly you reap what you sow. Gerard could be a sadist or a saint and still outwardly act this way. But in my campaign, this also means that Gerard himself is always someone's friend or confidant.
Don't play Stuff as a Bank of leftover points. Don't play Stuff as insurance that your PC will be the last one standing in a disaster. If these examples don't clarify the issue you can write me or play a Zero Stuff character.

Some specifics, descending order of cost, therefore significance:

No Argent characters will have Pattern at the start of the game without extensive submitted background.

No Argent characters will have Logrus at the start of the game without extensive submitted background.

Trump - 40 pts.
Understand the difference between Trump Gates, that can open to two environments, and Trump movement by individuals, which does not. Different teaching methods on Trump exist
Trump contact is most often spoken aloud. Trump Artists may use mental speech, as may others who are willing to allow a first stage mental contact. Look in the FAQ for special Trump notes.
By the Way, expect to pay Endurance costs for unusual Trump activity.

No Argent characters will have ShapeShifting at the start of the game without extensive submitted background.
Cool Power. Dangerous as Hell. That's one reason why Oberon made so sure that it wouldn't be popular in Amber. There are other reasons, too. Not a trans-Shadow power.

Argent Rose Pattern - 25 pts.
This is the backbone of the Argent universe. It functions almost exactly as Pattern does, only more dominant within Argent France, and less in the Realms of Chaos and Amber. Missing from the normal range of Pattern powers is Shadow of Desire and Blood Curse. It functions well in the Courts of Stigma.

Due to Corwin's personal bias, the Argent Pattern is constructed so as to oppose the Stigma, and any Stigma workings are difficult near it. Likewise, shapeshifters have experienced difficulty in using their natural abilities in France. The closer to Paris they move, the more difficulty they experience.

The Argent Pattern is located below the family palace in Paris.

The Primal Argent Rose Pattern is located in the Fae Realms, guarded by the Muse Queen.

Stigma of the Dark - 20 pts.
This is the bane of the Argent universe. It functions nearly as Logrus does. Missing from the normal range of powers is Searching and Tendrils. Shape Shifting is not required.

Depends on what you do with it. Requires a methodical approach to life. Not a trans-Shadow power. Works at reduced potency in Argent Realms.

See above for Sorcery. Barely functions in Argent Realms.

Dream Magics
Cool magic of symbolism from the
Powers of Strange Bedfellows. Imagine doing magic in your sleep, or in other people's sleep. Normal action in Argent Realms. No pre-requisite required.

Mind Magics
Cool magic of Psyche enhancement from the Sorcery of Strange Bedfellows. Imagine doing magic with your thoughts!! Sorcery is a pre-requisite. Works at reduced potency in Argent Realms.

Zephyr Silks - 15 pts.

Magick grounded in the Muses that inhabit the Primal Argent Plane. No pre-requisite is required.

The Silks are faemuse magics that form a personal attachment to creative people. Musicians. Poets. Artists. Actresses. The Silks appear as long stretches of diaphanous material, flowing thru the air above the heads of French pedestrians. Once an individual has become Attached to a Silk, it is like a companion, a genius. Usually, the length, color, material and form of the Silk all are meaningful to the Attached Artist. The Silks often serve as another set of hands for rather mundane tasks; carrying grocery bags, holding brushes and canvas, collecting spilled books from the cobblestones.

Players must define their Artistic pursuit when they become Attached.

While most consider the Zephyr Silks to be harmless, sometimes amusing magics, more learned or experienced arcanologists point out that Danaé, Muse Queen of the Zephyr Silk, is Guardian of the Argent Rose.

Fae Rites - (varies)

Some tiny portion of Fae Blood required.

The Fae races follow their own Rites of Power. The Fae study and group these Rites by Arcane Paths. A theme runs through a Path and mastering Rites in a single Path means the practitioner has made a Commitment to the Path.

The Events of Roger Zelazny's Chronicles:

What can you use?

The largest events of the period are common knowledge. Coronations, deaths, battles are all events that have been reported. The GM will consider any background, including ones that come from none of the places mentioned, but the burden of creativity is on the Player to fit his character to a plot that will concern most events in the Argent Realm.

What about Amber?

Amber is not off limits, just distant. Maybe impossibly so. The Fenneval Family has ties to Amber. Corwin grew up there until he was in his third century. Strong emotional ties exist. Access is through Corwin, himself.

What about travel and foreign powers?

Dion Fenneval is the world traveler in the family. He has been on every continent, crossed every ocean. He has tried his hand at every sort of modern alchemical transport. He has also raced at Le Mans. If he is home in Paris, seek him out as a guide to the world of travel.

Enjoy the Argent Realm. The Rose Heir is watching.


Created by Arref Mak
Art and Prose by Arref

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