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Prince Corwin, like many of his brethren, is a complex figure of a man. What kind of World, what Shadows has he created?

A memory? Or a dream? A time of great passion? Or of ignorance?

* * * * *

Argent France is such an artistic society, how does this affect Trump?

Trump is still a rare and difficult pursuit. Trump artists are admired by the society and very controversial within the artistic community. Trump works as it does in Corwin's Chronicles of Amber.

Trump does not seem to work with photography. This means specifically that even Trump artists have not been able to take photographs that then later work as Trump when developed.

Painters in France have developed a severe eye about Trump. The subject is extremely sensitive, for society holds that Trump paintings are superior in some way to other paintings. The is no common evidence to this, it is a populist notion only. However, it is a notion that many experienced painters scoff at and hotly deny. There are hard feelings over the issue.

Trump is therefore expensive and the attention of a Trump Artist is hard to procure. Generally, the wealthy have better luck than the rest of society.

Trump is less common outside of Paris or other major capitals of Europe. It is also true that for every 5 Trump Artists in Paris, there is one Trump Artist in London or Madrid or Berlin. The further away from France one travels, the fewer Trump Artists one can find. For instance, in New York City, there are only 2 known Trump Artists in the entire city. In China, the Manchu Emperor has imported a Trump Artist from Egypt as there are no known Chinese national Artists.


Zephyr Silks - 15 pts.

Magick grounded in the Muses that inhabit the Primal Argent Plane. No pre-requisite is required.

The Silks are feymuse magicks that form a personal attachment to creative people. Musicians. Poets. Artists. Actresses. The Silks appear as long stretches of diaphanous material, flowing thru the air above the heads of French pedestrians. Once an individual has become Attached to a Silk, it is like a companion, a genius. Usually, the length, color, material and form of the Silk all are meaningful to the Attached Artist. The Silks often serve as another set of hands for rather mundane tasks; carrying grocery bags, holding brushes and canvas, collecting spilled books from the cobblestones.

Players must define their Artistic pursuit when they become Attached.

While most consider the Zephyr Silks to be harmless, sometimes amusing magicks, more learned or experienced arcanologists point out that Danať, Muse Queen of the Zephyr Silk, is Guardian of the Argent Rose.

What extra abilities do Silks possess, are they merely an extra pair of hands?

Silks slowly adapt to the Attached Companion. They are an extra pair of hands at first, they may develop more abilities as the PC does. What those abilities are depends on the defined Artistic pursuit of the Attached, and what abilities and time are dedicated to the pursuit.

Do Silks have intelligence?

They respond to their Attached companions and not much more. Most scholars will agree that there is some intelligent response, but it seems to be the Attached Companion's own mind. Common responsiveness is about at the level of a trained canine.

How fragile are Silks?

Silks are fragile to mundane harm, but very durable against arcane damage.


These images will help visualize Argent France.

Prose by Arref Mak

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