This work is presented as background to campaign for FTF and AmberCon scenarios.
First full try will be at Ambercon North, September '99
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Why the Zephyr Silk & Argent Rose?

Because nothing I've seen Online was quite right and my players are always looking for new experiences. :-)

The idea for the Zephyr Silk & Argent Rose was actually a burst of inspiration combined with the above notions. My players were pushing the envelope of my regular Amber campaign. I had just added additional players. One of them was the grand-daughter of Eric. And this finally opened up the kids of Faiella, which was an unexplored vein In My Campaign. Then I realized, that Corwin, who had been 99.5% offstage in my campaign since its inception, would have an interest in the revealed heirs of Eric!

So I had to put some thought into Corwin's Pattern.

Searching the Web was first. MaBarry's List of Corwin Pattern material was only a few items. Search engines pulled up only a little more material. Most of this material discussed power elements and Pattern effects in relation to Amber.

What I wanted was a closed Pattern that was inspired by the "inner Corwin." Corwin's world would be by invitation only!! No Fiona! No Gerard! Only the blood of Corwin and his invited guests!

What I wanted was a world inside the head of our beloved moody hero, Corwin Fenneval.

The Zephyr Silk & Argent Rose is my own cut at the psyche of Corwin. What might have been the result of his introspective, exhausted determination as he drew his own Pattern? The Universe was crumbling, his brother Brand was determined to a mad course of tearing down the Universe. Corwin did not use lightning, blood, and lyre to craft his Pattern.

If you like a wilder game, where the canon is turned on its head, this might be that game. But-- in Corwin's mind, gunpowder works, the ingenuity of science is a fact, and the Realm of Earth has a special beloved resonance.

In myth, Amber is much of castles and Unicorns, emerald forests from the beginning of time, sailing ships and swordplay. In fact, the Argent Alliance is about wine and good food, long nights full of stars, European vistas. dark crooked streets, faerie lit cities, art deco locomotives, dangerous fabric aeroplanes, and a woman nearby in elegant evening wear, who is immortal enough to share it all.

Amber still stands alone against the mighty Courts of Chaos. A single Family against an ancient bastion of magick and strange environs. Most interpretations of Amber, respecting canon, make Amber and the Courts two poles within the sphere of the Universe.

This game will skew that interpretation and make a new plane of Shadow at right angles to the old one. Infinite Shadow grows in a new direction. Neither the deadly rippling lights above the Courts of Chaos, nor the brilliant blue skies of Amber really define the entire range of Experience in Shadow.

Come and have some fun in a realm of Night. That's the point of the Zephyr Silk & Argent Rose.


Prose by Arref Mak
Art and Prose by Arref

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