Tippecanoe Roots

"Remember the days of old,  consider the years of many generations;
                ask thy father and he will shew thee; thy elders and they
will tell thee."      Deuteronomy 32:7

"In all of us there is a hunger, marrow-deep, to know our heritage - to know who we are and where we have come from.  Without this enriching knowledge there is a hollow yearning.  No matter what our attainments in life there is  still a vacuum.  An emptiness, and the most disquieting loneliness."  ~ Alex Haley

Welcome!   My name is Adina Watkins Dyer and I was born and raised in Tippecanoe County, Indiana, the daughter of Joseph Lewis Watkins and Betty Lorene Davis.   Tippecanoe County is located in the northwest central part of Indiana, with Chicago just 120 miles to the north and Indianapolis 65 miles to the south.  Historically, Tippecanoe County is best known, of course, for the Battle of Tippecanoe, in which William Henry Harrison defeated Tecumseh's warriors.  The battle was fought on November 7, 1811, just 3 miles from where I live.  That battlefield is now a National Historic Site.  To help others find their ancestors and to make others aware of our county's history, I am coordinator for the
Tippecanoe County, INGenWeb Project.
My roots run deep in Tippecanoe County, with some of my ancestors coming here as early as 1824, before the formation of the county.  Some came much earlier, as soldiers of the War of 1812.  Seeing great promise in this new, wild, unsettled land, they brought their families back to settle here.  Some did not come that early, but first went to other areas of the state and coming to Tippecanoe late in the 19th century.  However and whenever they came, I'm just thankful they found their way here!   Where would I be without them?

Information on these pages come from many years research - of bleary eyes looking at microfilm, stack upon stack of books looked through, very, very late nights on the computer, hour upon hour inputting data, and pouring over family group sheets and other various records collected.  Not to mention the piles of papers that go unfiled in my "office" and on my desk!   Where does it all come from?  And will I ever get caught up? (Probably not!)

As with all genealogy, this is a work in progress.  I will add more to this site as time allows.  I've done my best to document my research, but will always welcome corrections and additions!

So, come in, sit down, have a cup of coffee 
and put your feet up - let's get acquainted.
Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll even find a connection!

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WATKINS -  Maryland, Delaware, and Indiana
CAMPBELL - coming
CLAPTON - Kentucky, Indiana
CLARK - coming
DOWNS  - Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana
FISHER- New York, Indiana
FOLLOWELL- Ireland, Kentucky, Indiana
HAYWARD - New York, Indiana, California?
GARRARD / GERARD - West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Washington 
GOOTEE / GOWTY - Maryland 
LEMMING - New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana
McGAHAN- Pennsylvania, Indiana
MARTINDALE, Quakers - Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Ohio, Indiana
MOORE - Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kansas, Iowa
TUTTLE - England, Connecticut, New York, Indiana 


DAVIS - Kentucky, Indiana
CAMPBELL - Virginia, Gallia Co., OH, Tippecanoe Co., IN
CARTER - South Carolina, Virginia, Ohio and Indiana  -  NEW!
CLARK - Connecticut, Indiana 
EMERSON - Maryland, Hampshire Co., (W)Virginia, Pickaway Co., OH
FOX- Butler County, OH, Tippecanoe and White Cos., IN, KS and TN
FROGGE / FROGG - Viriginia, Tennessee, Indiana
GATES - Virginia/West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
HAWKINS, Quakers - Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Ohio and Indiana
       working on it...Passenger's on the Ship Welcome, 1682, William Penn's second voyage
JONES - Virginia/West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa
LUCAS- Maryland, Ohio, Indiana
MARTIN - Ohio, Indiana
MILLS- Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana
MORRIS - England, Virginia/West Virginia 
PARKER - Hampshire County, (West) Virginia
ROCK- Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa
SAYERS - Virginia, Indiana 
SHEETZ - Virginia/West Virginia, Indiana
STROTHER - England, Virginia

This page will be under constant construction. 
Check back often for additions and corrections.

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