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Boy Scout Troop 430, Media, PA, USA

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Resica Falls Scout Reservation

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Boy Scout Troop 430 Uniform & Gear Recycling Program

In keeping with the Boy Scout value of thriftiness, Troop 430 maintains a clothing and equipment recycling program. Reusing outgrown or unneeded clothing and equipment helps to keep the cost of scouting down. It is especially useful to new scouts.

If you have items to donate, please bring them to any scout meeting. The recycling committee will clean and mend your donations and distribute them to scouts who can use them. Even torn or otherwise flawed items are useful, as they can be used for replacement buttons, patch fabric, etc.

We collect:

--Outgrown uniform shirts & troop t-shirts. (We will remove the patches and return them to you.)

--Outgrown uniform pants, shorts, belts, and hats.

--Other styles of clothing useful for scouting events – cargo pants and shorts, zip-off pants, lightweight pants for backpacking trips, scout-themed t-shirts, etc.

--Hiking boots.

--Camping equipment, such as mess kits, canteens, lanterns, mosquito netting, sleeping bags, footlockers, backpacks, etc.

--Equipment for other outings, such as ski bibs, etc.

Need Clothing or Equipment?

We usually have a number of uniform shirts, pants and shorts in various sizes. We are more likely to have the smaller sizes, as these are quickly outgrown. We also usually have replacement buttons and fabric to patch uniform shirts. Please ask the scoutmaster at a meeting if you need anything.
(Note about sizing: The best way I've found to figure out if a pair of pants/shorts will fit is to measure the waistband of a pair you already own that fits the boy well - it's surprisingly accurate. I measure from side to side, so you get half the waist measurement.)