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"A good education for every child does not mean the same education for every child.  "


This Web Page by Pauline Harding for Art Nurk, askpauline@comcast.net
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These field trips are for members of F.O.P. / C.H.A.O.S Homeschoolers and their friends and invited guests. 
If you are interested in an event, please contact the person listed. 

Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival– See here for more info.

Hay Creek Valley Fall Festival. – See here for more info.

Penn Presents: Student Discovery Series/Dance Celebration – See here for more info.

FREE! à Dance Celebration Master Classes - See here for more info.

FREE! à  Pennsylvania Ballet Dress Rehearsals – See here for more info.

PA Homeschoolers Fall Testing in Brookhaven, using the Terra Nova, Oct. 25 2010. Testing of some sort is required for home educated kids in 3rd, 5th, and 8th grades, and there are lots of ways to do it.  This is one that some F.O.P. members have used in the past.  See askpauline.com for details of the law’s requirements and other options.

Homeschooling co-op - A variety of activities for kids ages 10-14, based in Delaware County. Includes a math class for 8th/7th graders, French, and other activities. Contact Pauline.

On Your Own

Assorted general field trip ideas. Please schedule these on your own or with a few friends.

Hope Lodge - Whitemarsh Encampment. Meet reenactors portraying common soldiers, officers, camp followers, and sutlers of the American and British troops during the Revolutionary War. Step back in time as the grounds and 18th century barn are transformed into a Revolutionary War military encampment. Colonial crafts, activities, special tours, dirt redoubts, military skirmishes (Sat only), and drills await. Admission charged. FOP Brooke says "One of the best Colonial reenacting experiences we've been to is the Whitemarsh encampment, the first weekend of November near Germantown. All the things you're talking about doing as workshops, candle dipping, etc, we've done there, in a small local space with really GREAT acting and a fast program. We wouldn't miss it."

Sheep Shearing -- Typically in the spring
A demonstration of sheep shearing will be done for school groups and home schoolers who visit Hope Lodge. Come by to learn how sheep are shorn and wool is processed to make yarn for weaving and knitting. Living history stations including shearing, washing, dyeing, weaving, and spinning. Please contact Sarah Gallagher at 215-646-1595 or sargallagh@state.pa.us for more information or to register.

Philadelphia International Children's Festival -- at the University of Pennsylvania, in the spring. I suggest doing a show in the morning, then breaking for lunch and activities on the plaza, then doing another show. Or, you could go to just one show and the activities. The shows in the smaller venues will fill up fast. I will probably not do a group order for these tickets - please order on your own.

Meadowset Farm & Apiary -- These folks sell wool, dairy products, lamb (meat), and honey. They hold an annual sheepshearing day.

World War II Weekend - At the Midatlantic Air Museum in Reading. A weekend in June. A must-do, huge event for those interested in World War II and/or aviation.

FREE!   The Hadley Memorial Fund – FREE events throughout the year.  No advance tickets needed – just show up! (Double check their web site first to be sure there haven't been any last-minute changes to the schedule.) (Driving Directions)

FREE!   The Curtis Institute of Music – FREE evening concerts.  They also have free family concerts, typically on Sundays. See also their Curtis Institute Student Recital Series.

FREE!   Martin Guitar Company Factory Tour – This is an awesome tour.  Be warned – you’ll want to buy a Martin!  Here are the  Map + Directions.

Brandywine Valley Association Classes – Held at the Myrick Conservation Center, located on Route 842, 6 miles west of West Chester, 3 miles east of Unionville.  (Directions)  In the past the BVA has offered several classes for homeschoolers from tots to teens. 

www.fieldtrip.com - This web site has a ton of information for field trip planning all over our local area. A must-see!

Tyler Arboretum – A number of field trips available, mostly at either preschool or about 4th grade level.  About $5 per child (preschoolers & moms may tag along free).  Arrive 15 minutes early so the class can start promptly.  You may bring a picnic lunch and eat it in the picnic grove before or after class.  Dress appropriately for the weather – classes are outside.  You may not take anything from the arboretum (flowers, pine cones, sticks, etc.).  Directions:  Visiting Tyler

Colonial Plantation -- Very worthwhile programs.

Brandywine Battlefield -- Assorted colonial topics. You might enjoy reading The Riddle of Penncroft Farm before going. It is a historical fiction novel which takes place in our area and includes the Battle of Brandywine. It's a pretty engaging story and a fairly easy read.

Kimmel Center, Inc. > Visiting Artists Events. 

Ashland Nature Center – Directions:  Location - Ashland Nature Center

Conowingo Hydroelectric Plant – This looks like a great trip.

Philadelphia Museum of ArtDirections to the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Kimmel Center, Inc. > Subsidized Ticket Program

Eastern State Penitentiary

The Barnes Foundation Art Museum

You must see the Barnes before it moves. Call them for details on arranging a field trip. We found it's best to arrive early, so the tour can begin promptly.  There is a bathroom across from the bus drop-off area (ask a security guard to help you find it), so you can use the facilities before going in. Assemble the kids into pre-determined groups before entering the museum.  Moms who are not attending may wait at the nearby playground.  Exit the parking lot onto the side street, and turn left onto Latches Lane.  It dead-ends into the park. The Barnes Foundation - Directions – Do not follow the Mapquest directions- they are wrong.  (Ask me how I know…)
To prep for the trips, you may wish to go over these things:
 The Barnes Foundation - Kids Page – this series of pages introduces kids to what Dr. Barnes felt were the basic elements of art – color, line, light, shape, and space.
The Barnes Foundation - Biography of Barnes – a basic timeline of Barnes’ life.

Are We There Yet? is a great way to find field trip possibilities in our area.

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.  A must-see if you are studying ancient history.

Hawk Mountain1700 Hawk Mountain Road, Kempton, PA  19529. 
The Visitor’s Center is worthwhile.  You can purchase a flight guide at the Visitor's Center for $3.50.  It helps you identify the birds you are seeing.  The trail guides are free and have a chart where the kids can keep a tally of what they see.  
Bring:  sturdy shoes that will support your ankles, binoculars if you have them (you can rent them for $5), layered clothes (it can be chilly at the lookout), something to sit on (folded towel, seat pad, extra sweatshirt), water, lunch, snacks, camera, sunscreen, hat. 
Don’t bring:  pets, radios, gameboys, cigarettes, beer, bikes, or horses.