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Crumble Topping

Makes 7 cups of topping - enough for 2-3 pans of Berry Crumble.


2 sticks butter

2 cups flour

2 cups brown sugar – You can use white if you’re out of brown, but the brown tastes better.

2 pinches salt

2 cups chopped walnuts – These are optional but they do add protein and flavor to the dish.  1 16 oz bag of walnuts makes 4 cups of chopped walnuts – you can easily chop them in the food processor.


Mix butter, flour, sugar, and salt with a pastry blender (better – gives larger “crumbs”) or in a food processor (faster).  Add walnuts.


To freeze, portion out into 2 or 3 small bags.


This stuff is great!  Keep some in your freezer at all times!  Sprinkle a bit over fresh or frozen fruit and microwave – delicious!



Berry Crumble

Makes one 8 x 8 pan.

1 package frozen blueberries

1 package frozen mixed berries

2-4 cups crumble topping mixture

1 square pan, 8”x8”


Put berries into pan.  Sprinkle with topping.  Bake at 350 until it is hot throughout and the topping starts to brown.  Serve with vanilla ice cream, cream, custard, or evaporated milk.


If you are freezing this dessert for a friend, put the crumble topping in a zip loc bag.  Then put the topping bag and both bags of berries into another bag to keep it all together.  If you like, you can include a disposable pan.  Don’t forget instructions!  Your friend will have an easy to make yummy dessert!