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Turkey Provolone Roll Ups

These great roll-ups freeze and re-heat really nicely, plus they can be great for dieters.  They are full of protein and fiber, and keep you feeling full.  The ingredients are pre-measured, so you can confidently grab one and go!  They would also be good lunchbox sandwiches -


4 servings

8 servings

16 servings

32 servings

lb turkey

1 lb turkey

2 lb turkey

4 lb turkey

lb provolone )

lb provolone )

1 lb provolone )

2 lb provolone )

4 whole wheat high fiber tortillas

8 whole wheat high fiber tortillas

16 whole wheat high fiber tortillas

32 whole wheat high fiber tortillas

4 sandwich bags

8 sandwich bags

16 sandwich bags

32 sandwich bags

1 large freezer bag

1 large freezer bag

2 large freezer bags?

3-4 large freezer bags?


Spread out the tortillas.  Divide the turkey and cheese evenly between the tortillas.  You may have to cut the turkey to make it fit well.  Roll up each tortilla, and put into a plastic sandwich bag.  Put all of the bags into a larger freezer bag, and freeze.


To reheat, take out of the freezer and microwave for 1 minute on half power.  Turn over, then microwave again for 1 minute on half power.  (Adjust these times if the roll-up has been in a lunchbox and has defrosted a bit.) 


If desired, unroll it a bit and add a teaspoon of mayo or salad dressing or pesto sauce or mustard.  (Go easy if you are dieting!)  You could also add sprouts, tomato, lettuce, etc.  If you like, you can add mustard or pesto before freezing.


I like the Mission brand tortillas, which have 8 grams of fiber per serving.  I also like the flavored turkeys, like garlic and pepper flavor.


The turkey (2 oz.) has about 80 calories, the cheese (1 oz.) has 100 calories, and the tortilla has 80 calories, making this a 260 calorie snack with 8 grams of fiber.  Add fresh veggies for more fiber!