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Pauline Harding's Guide to Homeschooling in Pennsylvania

Homeschoolers have a lot of choices available to them. Please take the information you find useful from these pages and ignore the rest.

Many people, including me, will give opinions on the PA homeschooling law.  I believe that
everyone should read the law for themselves, read a few opinions about it, and decide for themselves what approach makes sense for their family.

Read The Law Yourself!

I might be wrong! I am not a lawyer!  Please double-check legal information with appropriate sources, most reliably the PA Department of Education's Homeschool Liaison

This Web Page by Pauline Harding for Art Nurk, askpauline@comcast.net.

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Overview of the PA Home Education Law

Alternatives to the Home Education Law

Homeschooling High School

Handling School District Problems

Finding Community

Teaching and Learning