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Paul Klocke Studio of Dance, in Aston, PA

Lehigh Valley Folk Music Society

Family Christmas List

In memory, 7/7/05.  We are not afraid.

In memory of my fellow Hokies, 4/16/07.

In memory of my fellow engineering students.  Dec. 6, 1989.


Homeschooling in Pennsylvania

Brand New to Homeschooling?  Start here. ~

PA Home Education Law - The Basics

~ Overview of the PA Home Education Law ~
~ Affidavit  ~  Special Ed  ~  Objectives  ~   Immunizations & Medical Requirements  ~  Compulsory School Age  ~  Log   ~  Portfolios   ~   Portfolio Summaries   ~   Portfolio Step-By-Step   ~   Required Days/Hours  ~  Required Subjects  ~  Testing  ~   Evaluations    ~    Evaluator List  ~   Useful Forms  ~   Fire Safety Resources  ~  Moving to, from, or within PA  ~ Partial Year Portfolios ~ Due Process ~ Legal Assistance

NEW LAW FOR 2015!!!

~ FAQ's - Quick Summary of the New Law <-- Read before you submit this year's end-of-year paperwork - ONLY the evaluator's certification goes to the school district!

~ Excerpts from the New Law <-- Handy to submit with your evaluator's certification, to notify your district about the law changes!

~ Text of the new law ~ New diploma option! ~ New due process rules ~

PA Home Education Law - Looking Deeper

~ The Text of the PA Home Education Law and Other Relevant Legal References
~ Hints for Handling School District Problems ~
~ PA Dept of Education (PDE) Home Education Liaison Contact Info ~
~ The PDE's Home Ed page is here; their most recent Basic Education Circular (BEC) on homeschooling can be found here. Please note that the PDE has been changing their web site, so some of my links to their pages may be broken.
~ PA Homeschooling Statistics ~
~ Legislative History and Current Issues ~

Alternatives to the PA Home Education Law

~ Overview of Alternatives to the Home Education Law ~ Private Tutor Option   ~   Public Cyber Charter School   ~   Public Homebound Instruction    ~    Umbrella School   ~   Exclusion Under the Immunization Regulations   ~   Church School   ~   Religious Exemption (RFPA)   ~   RFPA News   ~   Underground (illegal) Homeschooling

Homeschooling High School

~ Overview of Homeschooling High School ~ PA Diploma Programs ~ PHEAA issues ~


~ Support Groups & Co-ops (PA & DE) + Blogs    
~ Curriculum sources (new & used) + Conferences
~ Homeschoolers in Public School Extracurriculars (Sports, Clubs, Music Groups) ~
~ Delco-Homeschool: A Virtual Support Group for Delaware County, PA ~
~ Homeschooling Gifted Kids in PA ~

Teaching Resources

~ Teaching Reading ~ Ready for Algebra? ~ Math & Food ~

~ Homeschooling Site Map


Uncle Howard We Miss You!

Uncle Howard We Miss You!Uncle Howard We Miss You!Uncle Howard We Miss You!Uncle Howard We Miss You!



FOP Homeschoolers Field Trip Information

Gifted Kids

~ A few resources for gifted kids, both in school and homeschooled.

~ My list of Gentle Chapter Books for Young Gifted Readers


~ My ladies' cloth pads sewing pattern & tutorial, one of the most popular things on my site.

~ A few other things I've made.

~ Knitting for Barbie and American Girl Dolls


Loaves and Fishes

Public School Uniforms and Dress Codes

~ Lots of useful information for people questioning, studying, or debating the current trend towards public school uniforms.  This is a large section of my site, and there are many pages to explore!

Math Games!
2011-2012 "Honors" Algebra Class

in Delaware County, PA.

Scouting Resources

~ Resources for Boy Scouting

~ Packing List for Scout Camping Trips

Ancient Egypt Links