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Paulding School Board Recognize's Lady Patriots

08-12-2011     08-13-2011     08-18-2011    
Varsity 09-01-11
    JV 09-01-2011  13th Warrior Classic   
Senior Night

Region Playoffs Day 1     Region Playoffs Day 2     Regional Championship Game     State Playoffs 10-27-2011     State Playoffs 10-28-2011     .


**How to get pictures - email me using the contact button on left. Give me the link you are going into (08-12-2011) and the picture ID (IMG_0001.JPG). Payment can be check or cash. Pictures will be sent out after payment received. Portions of the money will go back to the Lady Patriots.

**Price for pictures $15.00 for first picture and $5.00 for each additional picture. This is for full rights to picture and full image size. Should be able to crop and print on any size paper (depending on how much you crop the picture). Bordered pictures (as per Photos option on left) additional cost, which will depend on size and border style.

by Alan Strobel