Welcome to Ataraxia* Wellness Concern

The mission of the Ataraxia* Wellness Concern is to facilitate wellness, wholeness and world peace; our vision is a world where people are empowered to take action to affect a positive change in their own well-being, and our goal is to provide you with more tools for your self-care toolkit!

* from Wikipedia: Ataraxia (Ἀταραξία "tranquility") is a Greek term used by Pyrrho and Epicurus for a lucid state, characterized by freedom from worry or any other preoccupation


We are restructuring to appointment based scheduling for our services and are investgating the possibility of monthly 'playshops'. Please contact ataraxiawellnessconcern@gmail.com

for an appointment today!

Your wellness is our concern! 

Laughter yoga, meditation groups, and essential oils consultations by appointment; please email for details

Schedule subject to change, please check back often



LeighAnne Leonard, CLYL