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24th Annual Nittany Ninvitational

Feb: 1-2, 2014


PSU’s NO BAG POLICY – updated 1/30





18s Info


All play both days will be at the IM building (Gym I, II and III)


Format/flow chart/schedules Includes all results





Use tabs at bottom of spreadsheets





17s Info


All play both days will be at Rec Hall (Main and South gyms)


Format/flow chart/schedules Includes all results




Use tabs at bottom of spreadsheets



Entry Requirements



How to enter


Tournament Information Booklet

Bid Manual

Age Definitions

Chaperone Form



Foreign Team Requirements


due by 1/20/2014


2014 Foreign Team Compliance form


This form lists the FT requirements and provides the links to obtain the forms.



Housing Information


This season we are working with Tournament Housing Service (THS).  You will need to contact THS in order to reserve your hotel rooms for the tournament.


The Nittany Ninvitational is a Stay-N-Play event.  In order to participate, all of your team’s rostered members MUST stay at one of the tournament hotels as provided by THS.


To book rooms, visit the THS website: www.THSweb.com




Parking Information



You MUST park where PSU grants permission.  All others may be ticketed and possibly towed.  We anticipate parking will cost around $5.00 - $10.00 per car. 


Designated parking areas:

   East Deck – called YD on the map

   Nittany Deck – called GD on the map

   Red A – called RA on the map


Do not park next to the IM building

Do not park across the street from the IM building








Sept 5, 2013

Nov 25, 2013

Dec 20, 2013

Jan 6, 2014

Jan 16, 2014

Jan 28, 2014

Jan 30 – last minute reminders/bag clarification



Varsity Matches


Friday Jan 31 vs Mt. Olive @ 7:00pm

Saturday Feb 1 vs Saint Francis @ 8:00pm


No admission fee.


There is a NO bag policy in effect for all PSU sporting events.  Click here for more info.



2014 National Referee Clinic


We are hosting a national referee clinic on Friday Jan 31, (starting about 3pm - to be completed prior to the men’s varsity match).  If you are interested in attending, please go to: https://www.volleyballreftraining.com/events_national_referee_clinics.php

to register.



Saturday Lunch


Order Form

Please complete the order form and mail in with your check made payable to NNVA.


If you are unable to open the form, please email us.





Play Schedules/Formats


See Above


College Scouts


Please contact us for team rosters. 

Hard copies will not be available at the venue.




Tournament T-Shirts


We will be pre-selling tournament T-shirts.  NO sales day of event.


Order information

Order form


If you are unable to open the documents, please email us.




Past NN Results


All Past Results




Be a Sponsor




PSU Main Campus

IM Building and Rec Hall


When selecting any of the above links, if you get a popup box asking for a user name and password, just click cancel.



Email Rose Atkinson at: atkinsonrose@yahoo.com

Home Phone: 814-234-4041



Sponsored in part by:







Offering a full line of vending,

amusements, coffee and water service.

(800) 869-7521



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