In order to be accepted pending hotel reservations a team must:

1.  Enter via AES by 12/20/2013

2.  Submit a $550 check or money order (US dollars only) payable to NNVA.  One check per team.

3.  Submit the completed Team Application with entry fee.


The check and Team Application must arrive no later than 12/20/2013  Mail to:

Nittany Ninvitational Volleyball Association

2445 Jalice Cir.

State College, PA 16801


In order to be fully accepted:

Each team must procure hotels via the THS website ( no later than 1/1/14.

The NN is a STAY-n-PLAY event, therefore all teams/participants MUST book rooms through THS.  Teams within a 40-mile radius may stay at home.  Rooms reserved prior to completing steps 1, 2 and 3 above are subject to cancellation.  When making reservations, you MUST include your Team ID.


In order to be eligible for participation:

1.  Each team must enter/build their roster in AES, and have it verified no later than 1/20/2014.  No need to submit the verified roster prior to the event.  We will check AES to make sure you have submitted your roster and have had it verified.

Each roster needs to have at least:

1 USAV registered and background cleared chaperone who is NOT listed on any other event roster

1 USAV registered, certified (minimum: IMPACT) and background cleared coach.


2.  All teams must bring their AES VERIFIED hard copy roster to the event.

Persons who do not have the necessary verifications showing on the AES roster will not be eligible for participation.  The tournament will NOT have on-site access to the internet.

All Chaperones must bring with them a signed copy of the Chaperone Responsibilities form.  Please do not mail/email this form to us, bring it with you.


Failure to meet any of the deadlines may result in a $50 late fee and/or may result in the team being placed on the wait list.




Must mail (to arrive no later than 1/20/2014) the following.  Please make sure all forms are properly completed and signed where required.  This requirement replaces the need for a verified AES roster, however an unverified AES roster is NECESSARY and must be brought to the event.

1.  2014 Foreign Team Compliance form – one per team

2.  2014 Foreign Team Tournament Registration Summary – one per team

3.  2014 Foreign Participant Registration form – 3 pages, first two required for ALL PARTICIPANTS, last page is information only

4.  2014 Player Medical Release form – required for ALL PLAYERS

5.  copy of a government issued photo id - required for ALL PLAYERS

6.  $100.00 US Insurance fee.  (For Canadian teams, in Lieu of the $100 insurance fee, proof of 24/7 health insurance valid in the US - required for ALL PARTICIPANTS.  If the Health Sante Card has a current photo on it, it will suffice for both 5 and 6.

7.  A letter from your National Governing Body (on NGB letterhead) stating that the team and all its participants are in good standing (this may be emailed to

8.  Foreign teams are also required to bring their own copy of all the above to the event.




In order for us to properly seed the NN, complete, accurate and up-to-date results must be entered into AES immediately after your team participates in any event, even if the event/opponents are of a different age category than your team.  Teams not submitting complete/accurate results in a timely fashion may receive a poor seed.  FYI: You will need to obtain team IDs from your opponents in order to provide complete information.


If your team will not be participating in any events prior to 1/20/2014, please submit written info about your team that will assist us with seeding.  All results after 1/20/2014 must also be entered into AES.




AES uses the terminology: “late registration date” and “registration close date”.  We cannot change this terminology.  For accurate information about entering, please refer to the information/dates listed above.


We will not be able to make exceptions for teams submitting incomplete/late entry information. 


Teams not accepted due to lack of space will be placed on the wait list.  All teams not participating due to space limitations will receive a complete refund.


Teams dropping after 1/1/2014 will not receive a refund.


Additional information and required forms can be found at:




AES Registration - Deadline: 12/20/2013 (late fee $50)

$550.00 Check - Deadline: 12/20/2013 (late fee $50)

NN Team Application - Deadline: 12/20/2013 (late fee $50)

Book housing through THS ( - Deadline: 1/1/2014 (late fee $50)

Verified AES Roster - Deadline: 1/20/2014 (late fee $50)

Foreign Team paperwork - Deadline: 1/20/2014 (late fee $50)

ALL tournament results entered into AES immediately after participation.

**Teams not submitting complete/accurate/timely results may receive a poor seed.**



Submit all correspondence to:



Rose Atkinson

2445 Jalice Cir

State College, PA 16801

When express mailing packages, you MUST WAIVE

the delivery confirmation signature or the package may not be

left at our office.



Day of Event: