Electro-Acoustic Design and Engineering 

est. 1983


These are the current projects links

1) M8a-MKIII-sealedcabinet 
2) The Arvo Pärt Project 
3) Tube-Zilla    
4) Pete's ported BP1503 tube 
5) Andrew Pratt's sealed M8a-MKIV
6) Tibor's sealed M8a-MTM design
7) M8ta- An extreme M8a-MK-x design
8) Budget DIY Balanced Power Devices
9) Transcendent Sound Balanced Power kit


  Other Links                   

Elec Rm Tx & EQ Part 1     
DIY sound absorbing panels 
DIY felt Diffraction Pads 
Flush Driver Mounting Tutorial
Test equipment and software
Klone-Audio website      












If you have questions about any of the projects   please contact us, at the DIY section of the HT-Guide forum