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A freeware Macintosh list server and auto-responder.
An EIMS (AIMS, MailShare) companion application.
Copyright © 1994-2003 Mikael Hansen.

Welcome to the AutoShare home page! Glad to have you here and hope you enjoy your stay.

Mikael (still hibernating).

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AutoShare is written by Mikael Hansen.
EIMS (AIMS, MailShare) is written by Glenn Anderson, Qualcomm.
SIMS is written by Stalker Software.
Click here to download version 4.2.2 of AutoShare (if you use StuffIt Expander, version 5.x is required). Go here to quickly read the release notes, here to read the AutoShare documentation and here to read the post-release notes. If you are running another list server at this time, these services may be of interest to you. If you like to stay as up-to-date as possible, the latest beta version can be downloaded here.

Latest news. Click here to download version 4.2.3 of AutoShare, a partial archive.

Table of contents

Addresses and URLs

My personal e-mail address is mikaelhansen@comcast.net.

The AutoShare home page is at http://home.comcast.net/~autoshare/.

The AutoShare download page is at http://home.comcast.net/~autoshare/download/AutoShare/.

Randall Gellens' list server web pages are at http://www.pensive.org/Mailing_Lists/. (James Berriman's AutoShare web pages at http://frutiger.staffs.ac.uk/autoshare/ are no longer available as of February 1 2000.)


The AutoShare Announcement list offers news on AutoShare and related topics.

To subscribe to the AutoShare announcement list, send mail to autoshare@lists.pensive.org with subscribe autoshare-announce <your name> in the first line of the body.

The AutoShare announcement list took off on November 15 1996.

The AutoShare Talk list is a forum for discussing AutoShare and related topics.

To subscribe, send mail to autoshare@lists.pensive.org with subscribe autoshare-talk <your name> in the first line of the body. Be sure to subscribe as I am likely to respond faster to contributions on this list than to personal e-mails about AutoShare. Thank you!

On February 1 2000, Randall Gellens took over the AutoShare talk list, which took off on April 23 1996 (my original list started on March 16 1995), then listmastered by James Berriman.

The AutoShare Development list is an in-depth discussion forum for script authors, who develop AutoShare scripts including process extenders.

To subscribe to the AutoShare development list, send mail to autoshare@lists.pensive.org with subscribe autoshare-dev <your name> in the first line of the body.

The AutoShare development list took off on January 23 1998.

The AutoShare Tip Of The Day list offers insights on little known AutoShare features. Subscribers receive one mail per day. If you would like to contribute, please post your story to the moderated list.

To subscribe to the AutoShare tip of the day list, send mail to autoshare@lists.pensive.org with subscribe autoshare-tip-of-the-day <your name> in the first line of the body.

The AutoShare tip of the day list took off on August 6 1997.

The AutoShare Beta list is mostly private. At rare occasions when I feel I have the time, the list is public.


AutoShare is robust, speedy and requires little memory. The 68K and PowerPC native server applications, tested with Mac OS 9.1, are fully scriptable and may be configured using the AutoShare Admin, an administration tool with balloon help. Lists in the hundreds and subscribers in the thousands per list are supported, as are subscription, open, moderated, announcement and private list types.

AutoShare comes complete with script samples and documentation covering features such as multiple preference sets, standard and database subscriber formats, fully automated web archives, remote administration by e-mail, subscriber and administrator web forms, built-in CGI request handling, advanced mail-back confirmations, automated bounce and unsubscribe module, list-specific language support for subscribers, launching of external applications, keep applications up feature, built-in Cron support, process extenders, MIME configuration of outgoing mail messages, List- RFC headers, MIME digests as attachments, simultaneous text and HTML archives, tip of the day lists, poll feature for voting, subscriber address protection, subject prefixes in list contributions, headers and footers in list contributions and digests, rotating banners and much more.

The small print

AutoShare, a freeware list server and auto-responder for the Macintosh, is a personal project of Mikael Hansen in his free time and in no way relates to his work as such. Mikael Hansen accepts no responsibility for the use of AutoShare.
Last updated on August 3 2003 by Mikael Hansen