Knitting Pals by the Bay

VIP Award 2015

Our loyal and dedicated Pals, Avis Freedman (Webmaster) and Marty Carp representing Knitting Pals By The Bay attended a Business Workshop sponsored by Google. They both felt the time spent was worthwhile and learned how to update our website in order that we would be a site that came up quickly. Also, we are now on Facebook thanks to Avis and her hard work. For all of you that have Facebook, we encourage you to visit our new Facebook page at Knitting Pals by the Bay on Facebook to get updates on Pals. Of course, we will continue to update our website as well.

Our VIP (Very Important Pal) Award went to Priscilla Nues; a longtime Pal with three active boys. We are always amazed at the amount of menís caps she donates and wonder if she ever sleeps. In addition of her support for Pals, she volunteers, giving much of her time and energy to many organizations and is very active at her sons schools volunteering. Congratulations & Bravo Priscilla!

Thank you to all the Pals for their support with caps and donations; we are so grateful for all the help. We have a large increase in demand for our caps because of the quality, softness and our exclusive designs. To give you an example of the increase in demand, Sutter Health Clinic in San Francisco used to receive 20 caps every three months, now we send them 25 caps a month and they used them all. This one clinic has gone from 80 caps a year to 300 a year! They are always thankful for our caps and have said their patients love our caps and are always delighted to receive them. They appreciate that we provide this wonderful service.

Your Knitting Pal,

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