Knitting Pals by the Bay


Last year was not a good year for me personally due to health issues which most of you are aware. I cannot begin to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for all the support and kindness you provided me and Knitting Pals. Knowing I was unable to physically send caps to our patients many of you gave of your time and came to my home to sort, box and get the caps ready to ship. Others of you made deliveries of caps and came to visit and lift my spirits. And many of you gave donations to cover the postage and yarn which we use each year. I can honestly say Pals would not have operated without all of your support and caring. Thank you for caring and keeping the patients warm and comfortable.

We have had a larger demand for our caps in the last few years due unfortunately to more patients. Many of the places we have served for years have increased their usage, so supply and demand has increased considerably. This year we distributed 3,560 caps, we use to send an average of 1,800 yearly. Itís amazing that with this increase we still have enough caps to serve our clients and of course all due to your wonderful supportive talents. Our grand total since we started pals is now 31,350 for our branch and a total of 49,580 for all branches.

Our V.I.P (Very Important Pal) award goes to Pat Chestnut who has been a loyal supporter for many years and has on many occasions has gone above and beyond to help our program.
Congratulations and BRAVO to Pat!

On a sad note we lost one of our wonderful faithful pals Nellie Columbo, she was just short of turning 98 years and right up until she passed she was knitting and bringing caps.

On February 17th I represented our organization and attended the annual meeting for Stitches, this group supports and makes clothing and baby quilts for St. Anthonyísí and celebrated their 29th annual anniversary. I was able to meet Allan Shapiro, Manager of the free clothing program and hand deliver some of your scarves and caps. Allan has invited us to take a tour of the clothing facility which I believe many of us would have an interest. Iíll follow up with all of you later with more details.

One of our pals has shared an interesting video on health and knitting which I believe youíll find of interest. To watch the web site when you have time between knitting projects and your busy life, click on:

We provide a wonderful service which the patients appreciate and we do our best to share their thank you notes with you. Each of YOU should feel proud and honored to know that you are making an important contribution to cancer patients in the bay area. Thank you for your ongoing support, caring and love.

Your Knitting Pal,

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