9/23/07 Karl Hardman 

  I regret to report that Karl Hardman has passed away.  You will be missed.

2/24/07 NOTLD Stage Adaptation Trailer

      Looks pretty good!  Unfortunately it is only showing in LA.  More information as it becomes available.

NOTLD 90 Special Screening with Tom Savini

Good friend of the site Lee Karr is hosting a screening of NOTLD 90 at the Waterworks Cinemas in Pittsburgh, PA at midnight  on the evenings of October 20th and 21st.  On Friday the 20th, Tom Savini will introduce the film and host a Q&A session starting at 11:00 PM.  On Saturday the 21st, there will be a trivia contest and prizes prior to the screening.  The theatre is Waterworks Cinemas and is located at 930 Freeport Road in Pittsburgh, PA. If you have any questions please feel free to call the theatre at 412-784-1416 and ask for Lee.

7/15/06 More NOTLD 3D news

The new NOTLD 3D remake will be released onto 1500 screens nationwide on November, 10th 2006.  The film will premier on September 8th at Hollywood's Egyptian Theatre.  You can read more about it at Fangoria.com.

I think most fans of the original film have mixed feelings about this one, myself included.  I will hold out hope for the best, and I will definitely go check it out.

This is yet another bi-product of Image Ten's failure to secure the copyright.

notld3d's official site

5/24/06 DEADPIT.COM presents May of the Dead!

I want to tip you all off about a cool weekly horror talk radio show called Dead Pit. All throughout the month of May they will be featuring an interview with someone from the Romero Dead family. I am a big fan of the show and I have caught every show so far. If you like what you hear during May of the Dead, then by all means check out the rest of their library! Check them out at


Week 1 - Gary Klar

Week 2 - Judy O'Dea

Week 3 - Lori Cardille

Week 4 - Tom Savini

4/30/06 Goofs Update

Thanks to the imdb, I added a few more goofs to the goofs section.

Also, the 3D remake release has been postponed until September due to difficulties with CGI effects.

11/06/05 Virtual House!

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of our good friend Faltraz, we are proud to present the NOTLD68 Virtual House.  In the following links you will be taken on a tour of the house used in the film, as it was presented (you'll see what I mean).  Also included is the building materials list in case someone feels like rebuilding this classic!  Click on the picture to access The Virtual House.

11/02/05 Night of the Living Dead Remake in 3-D?

It sounds hard to believe but a new Night of the Living Dead remake is in post productions and what's more, it's in 3-D.  Image Ten is not involved and the producers are attempting to take advantage of the films "royalty free" status.  Check out their website here.

10/30/05 Official NOTLD Print

A new Night of the Living Dead airbrush print has been licensed by Image Ten, Inc.  

(click on image for official site and larger image)

3/26/05 NOTLD Interactive Script Debut!

After a few months of hard work, a colleague and I have created the internets first published script of Night of the Living Dead.  In addition, I have added "info" icons throughout the script that you can click on, and information will appear in the frame of the right side of the screen.  Before viewing the script, you MUST have screen resolution setting at 1078x768 or better, or it will not display properly.  Without further delay, I welcome you to experience the...

NOTLD Interactive Script


2/3/05 Video Section Update

I have redesigned the video section and added two new DVDs, the laugh track version and the colorized version.  

For the past couple of months, a colleague and I have been working on an interactive script of NOTLD.  I am proud to say that the project is very close to completion and will be unveiled within the next few weeks.  Keep an eye out for it!

10/9/04 Interview with Judy O'Dea!

We are proud to present an interview with Judy O'Dea, who played Barbara in Night of the Living Dead.   This is the first of many interviews that we hope to bring you in the next few months. Check it out here.

Also, congratulations to contest winners Chris Phelps and Robert Renaud!

9/23/04 CONTEST!

Up for grabs are two copies of Fox's Night of the Living Dead Colorized DVDs!  Simply send me an email at axlish@gmail.com with 'NOTLD Contest' in the subject line and your name and address in the email.  The contest will end on October 2nd at midnight. GOOD LUCK!

8/28/04 On Location update!

Lots of new pictures and locations added!  Check out the on location link here

7/15/04 NOTLD Laugh Track Review

For a semi-detailed review, click here

4/12/04 NOTLD Colorized?

Considering the treatment these guys gave Reefer Madness  a few months ago so I am highly anticipating this DVD.  There will be a 5.1 mix and a commentary track by Mike Nelson of Mystery Science Theatre 3000.  Expect the colorization to be far superior to the lackluster effort put out by Hal Roach studios in the mid 1980's. The black and white version will also be included and don't be surprised if it rivals the Millennium Edition in picture quality.  It sounds like a bold statement but that is how I feel after seeing what they did with Reefer Madness.  Read more about it here.