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For those of you who are members of this web site, you just E-mail me if you have a birthday comming up. And I'll put it on the calendar as private or what ever you want it to be.

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This is the best web page I've ever made. So, give me some credit.

Do me a favor and sign every thing you can on this website. I'd love that. Thank you. Hey I really like to make really cool stuff like bombs, smoke grenades, Instant hot ice, wich is what I showed you how to do below this. Look right down there.

Hey, try this website.
Hey check this website out.

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Okay you want to know how to make an instant hot ice. Here is what you need: Sodium acetate. (easily found on the internet.)You also need a pan a cup and some water. Here is what you need to do, Poor some water in the pan, now poor some sodium acetate in the pan and heat it on low almost at boiling point. Just wait until the sodium acetate has absorbed into the water. But if not all the sodium acetate hasorbed into the water, make sure you leave the remaining chemical in the pan. Now poor it in a glass or what ever you want and touch it but don't get your finger stuck in it. It should freeze.

Hey, have you ever wanted to skate, surf , wake board, or snow board. Then click here.

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Hey I really do like to make little contraptions like smoke grenadeds and that kind of junk. And no I'm not a terrorist.