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Tabs for my (BaddGuitar) Videos:

New Kid in Town (doc)

New Kid in Town (txt)

Love of my Life TAB (txt)

Love of my Life - CHORDS ONLY (txt)

Love of my Life (ptb)

Wasted Time (txt)   

Wasted Time (ptb)

Change the World (txt)

Longer (txt)

Longer (ptb) 

Cats in the Cradle (txt)

Lonely is the Night (txt)

You May Be Right (txt)

My Life (txt)

Always On My Mind (txt)

Lyin' Eyes (txt)

When She Loved Me (txt)



          TroubleClef's Love of My Life:

Love of My Life - TroubleClef Version (PowerTab)

Love of My Life - TroubleClef Version ( Text)


To use the *.ptb file, you will need the free PowerTab editor:


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Acoustic Tab Book 

I play Acoustic guitar to relax.  I also have a terrible memory and often have to look at the lyrics and chords when playing. I took many of my favorite acoustic songs and compiled them into a single book that I can pack in the guitar case when I go places.  I arranged it to minimize page turning by making most tabs a single page and having two-page tabs on opposite pages so you don’t have to turn the page.   


If you’re interested, I’ve uploaded the file and you can download it below.   


Please note: 

1.   The book is specifically arranged so that if you print it, (double-sided) most tabs take up a single page and the ones that take two pages will be on opposite pages.  There are two options I have used to print a hard copy:

  • Print the file (double-sided) and put it in a ½” 3-ring binder.
  • Go to and have them print it double sided, coil binding with clear vinyl cover and black vinyl back.  It makes a great compact book that lies flat when open and fits in a guitar case.  It will cost you about $21.



2.   The tabs and lyrics in this file have been pulled from multiple Internet sites.  Some have been modified by me, some I created – but many were just copied from various tab sites and formatted for the book.


3.   The tabs are NOT complete.  I made this book for me – not for public use.  Many riffs that I have memorized are not there or you may see some odd notation – it’s just a memory trigger for me.  Examples:

  •  Hey Hey (Clapton)– Just the lyrics are listed because I know the chords by heart.  Same with Tears in Heaven.  Sorry that may not help you much
  • Something (Harrison) – There is a riff that’s played in the start and finish.  I didn’t tab it out – I just play it.


4.   Yes I live in the past.  Most of the songs are old and mellow


5.   The book includes various interpretations of the included songs.  The best way to learn a tab song is to listen to the original recording and know the song before playing it.  This supports the artist who wrote the song.  You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research.  It may not be sold.


6.   If you have a question about a chord structure or need some other clarification – or just want to comment, feel free to send me an e-mail.


List of songs:   

Hey Hey
Tears In Heaven
Best of My Love
Band on The Run
Colour My World
Change the World
Black Water
Me and Bobby McGee
Hey Hey What Can I Do?
Fire and Rain
Here comes the Sun
If You Leave me Now
Let it Be
Just the Way You Are
Homeward Bound
Saturday in the Park
Leader of the Band
Lonely Stranger
Night Moves
Southern Man
Time in a Bottle
Soul Man
Under the Bridge
Slip Sliding Away
Wasted Time
You’re in my Heart
Soak up the Sun
Cats in the Cradle
Shower the People
No Sugar Tonight
I am I said
You Light up my Life
The Rose
American Pie
Killing me Softly
Take me Home, C Roads
Goodbye Yellow Brick Rd
Love of my Life
New Kid in Town
Your Song
Sometimes When We Touch
We’re all Alone
You’re No Good
Behind Blue Eyes
Horse with No Name
Testify to Love
Nobody does it Better
One Year of Love
Learning to Fly
I’ve got a R&R Heart
Have I Told You Lately
All I Wanna Do
I Will Be Here
Jack and Diane
Mrs Robinson
Still the One
Comfortably Numb
Wild Night
Your Life is Now
Drops of Jupiter
The Heart of the Matter
Waiting on a Friend
Nobody Knows You When
California Dreamin
I Love You
Keep On Loving You
Maybe I’m Amazed
My Life
Norwegian Wood
Open Arms
What A Wonderful World
When She Loved Me
Who’s Crying Now
You May Be Right
Lyin Eyes (Fills)
Lyin Eyes
Sweet Caroline
Daydream Believer
Forever In Blue Jeans
Holly Holy
I’m a Believer
Give a Little Bit
I Can’t Tell You Why
Still Crazy .. Years
Ventura Highway
I’m Not In Love
Just When I Needed You Most    
Man on Your Mind
Solsbury Hill
Make it with You
Baby I’m a Want You
Sarah Smile
Ethernal Flame
Cuts Like a Knife
Bluer than Blue
Leather and Lace
Tin Man
I'll have to say I Love
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away

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