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Wacław Hryniewicz-Bakierowski
[* 9th December 1915 — + 10th October 2008 - R.I.P.]
Commentator – Outdoorsman – Advocate for Polish Freedom and Christian Culture

» Za wolność naszą i waszą « — "For our freedom and yours"

The symbol in the image above, right, was that of the Polish Underground during the Second World War, in its struggle against German and Soviet occupation forces. Mr. Bakierowski continued to use the symbol in his correspondence during the postwar years because, as he wrote in September 1980, "I am still fighting today, to the best of my ability, not only for Poland, but also for America and the whole Free World."


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Biography and Genealogy
[The coat of arms pictured above is explained at the end of the Genealogy.]

BOOKS (in Polish only):

Śmierc Marszałka Smigłego-Rydza


SELECTED LETTERS (Some to newspapers, others to individuals or groups):


POEMS (in English translation):

Letters from Two Friends (28 March 1997): Regarding a compilation of the author's writings

Hardcopy originals of some of General Hyrniewicz-Bakierowski's writings are in the Emigration Archive of the University of Torun in Poland. Although these are unavailable online, a detailed description of the holdings is posted in Polish at its Web site.

Here is a link for Mr. Bakierowski's works on file at the Library of Congress. One of these is a loose compilation of essays and letters from 1978-1995 (along with supplemental material not authored by him) entitled America, Wake Up! (ISBN 1-57745-053-1). The writings that comprise that work are scheduled to be posted on this site, individually, over time. Many of these will appear here for the first time in September or October 2004.

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