Isaac, Gabriel and Friend COX

Early TransAppalachian Pioneers
West Virginia to Kentucky to Ohio and Indiana

This bunch of COXES is a group that I wish I could claim! There is a fascinating article written by Evelyn C. Adams about this family inThe Filson Club History Quarterly Volume 22 No. 2 April 1948. Have also seen the article reprinted in a book in the Kentucky section at the local FHC. It is an interesting read if you have an interest in the time period between 1750-1780 as the early pioneers pushed, clawed and fought their way across the mountains.

Evelyn Adams writes that 'It is said that the three young immigrants were born in Switzerland where in the late seventeenth century their Scotch-Irish parents sought refuge from politcal oppression and religious persecution." She got this from Henry Cox in his Cox Family of America book of 1912. Others say that these brothers Isaac, Gabriel and Friend COX born 1710-20 descended from Peter Larsson KOCK who was an early immigrant to the Philadelpia area of New Sweden. I would be interested to know from the descendants what actual documentation (of church records, wills and land sales) indicate as to the origins of this family.

The three brothers, Isaac, Gabriel and Friend and their families built six forts ranging from Hampshire County- the South Branch of the Potomac (1750-70), then moving west to the area now known as the West Virginia Panhandle which is sandwhiched in between Ohio and Pennsylvania (1769-1779). Finally some followed the Ohio River over to the area that is now Nelson County Kentucky (1780). Some parts of the families stayed in what is now Pennsylvania and West Virginia, while some descendants can still be found in Kentucky. Others drifted into Ohio and Indiana by 1810. A number of them were casualties of the Indians, who were nervous about the encrouchment of their territory. If you would like to read a story of a Cox turkey hunting expedition along the Ohio River in 1786 according to Lyman Draper's manuscripts, click here.

Isaac Cox who was born about 1716, married Susanna Tomlinson and they had eleven children: James, John, Isaac, David, Gabriel, George, Mary (Polly), Joseph, Nancy Ann, and twins, Benjamin and Jonathan. David, who was born about 1742 married Margaret Bruce in Hampshire Co VA and they moved to Nelson Co KY. Nancy Ann was born in 1757 in Hampshire Co and married William Friend McMahon Sr in 1774. His life ended on 30 Jun 1794 at Ft. Recovery, in Mercer Co OH. If you would like to share information on this branch of the family, please drop a line to William McMahon .

Also, if you have a particular interest in this branch of the COX family, you would enjoy the book VIRGINIA COURT RECORDS IN SOUTHWESTERN PENNSYLVANIA by Boyd Crumrine. This was recently reprinted for Clearfield Co. by Genealogical Publishing Co. in Baltimore MD. This is the records of the District of West Augusta and Ohio and Yohogania Counties, Virginia from 1775-1780. There are MANY references to Gabriel, Isaac, Joseph and also you will find David, Eloner, Friend, George, Israel, John and a Moses and Benjamin COX. Other surnames are Beeler, Brown, Bruce, Campbell, Cannon, Carpenter, Crawford, Groghan, Davis, Decker, Devore, Freeman, Fry, Goe, Harrison, Hedges, Hull, Johnston, Kuykendall, McCullough, McKee, McMahon, Miller, Moore, Newell, Pearce, Penticost, Richardson, Ross, Scott, Shepherd, Swearingam, Tomlinson, Vallandigham, Vanmeter, Ward, Wright, Zane, Smith and Jones to name but a few.

Another part of this "Cox Creek of KY" family that has held particular interest to me is Benjamin COX who is a son of Friend (1720-1785) and Nancy Schurk COX. This Benjamin COX was born in 1746 in Hampshire County. According to some reports, he is the Benjamin who married a woman by the name of Rachel about 1766, was a veteran of the Revolutionary War who died in 1842 and is buried in Dayton (Montgomery Co.) Ohio.

The children of Benjamin and Rachel COX are Elizabeth, Sarah, Susanna, William, John, BENJAMIN!, Charles and Rachel. Wouln't it be convenient to slide my Benjamin J in this slot...

But it's just not that easy...


Here are a few notes of COXes in Montgomery Co. OH

A DEED EXTRACT- NEFF, Christian- Estate of: William COX, Exc. to George Beacher
Rec'd 10-1-1828; Recorded 12-8-1828 Land Sec. 11, Twp.2, Range 6E Mont. Co. Ohio
Signed: William Cox and Polly (wife), Elijah Cox and Barbara (wife), Stephen Branaman, Abraham Branaman and Sara Branaman, heirs.

ESTATES- DOCKET A-1. COX, Daniel of Elizabeth Twp.- Adms., Joseph COX and Elizabeth his wife- Securities, John Gerard and Jerom Holt-11-06-1804 (case #10 page 9)

EARLY DEATH RECORD- Henry COX died Jul 30, 1867. Born Alla. (Alabama? Allegheny?) age 36-1-1. Laborer, single, white Died Montgomery Co OH. Res Clermont Co OH. Reported by Dr. Conndy

GUARDIANSHIPS- 9-23-1822 William COX appointed guardian of Jacob COX aged 2 yrs., heir of John COX, dec'd. Case #546. (Doc. E-1, pg 230)

ESTATES- Gentle, John of Jefferson Twp.- Adms., William Newman and Hannah Gentle- Securities, Richard COX and John COX 8-25-1807 (#46-pg68)

If you are interested in the sharing information of Gabriel Cox and in particular his son Israel and HIS son Israel, contact Andrea.


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