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My ancestors are the well-documented Samuel Pond, Samuel Pond, Samuel Pond, and then: Phillip, born June 5 1706, died 1749, married Thankful Frisbie April 13 1726; Timothy, born 1731 died May 22 1801 married 19 Jun 1751,to (1st) Mary Munson, 2nd Sarah Bartholomew; Bartholomew, born Aug. 1, 1754, died March 31 1850, m. Elizabeth Dunbar; then starting here the info. is hazy. Curtis, born 1782, died 1860 in Pennsylvania. Married 1st Martha Howd, daughter of Joel and Abigail Howd, whose father was Phineas Pond. Married 2nd Susan Mix; Erastus, born 1812, married 1st Minerva Sarepta Stanton, 2nd, Mary Fuller. Maynard, born 1837, married Janet Anderson; Charles Anderson Pond, born 1868, married Elva D'ette French; Everell French Pond, born 1908, married Marjorie Southwick.

Another of my ancestors, Jacob Guy, was the founder of Guy's Mills, Crawford, Pennsylvania. He kept a diary for a short time in 1818. I have transcribed the diary because it contains lots of Crawford county surnames. His line is as follows: Jacob Guy married Susanna Cutter Wyman; Susan Guy married Nathan Southwick; Nathan Southwick married Julia Sugnet; DeWitt Southwick married Minnie Hackett: Marjorie Southwick married Everell French Pond. Click here to view Jacob Guy's diary.

You may be interested in reading letters of the White Family (dated 1829-1875) I recently transcribed for the Plainview Area History Center, Plainview, Minnesota.

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