Greetings and Well Come to all who visit this land of the North Woods.

We bid you good fortune and and invite you to peruse our many facets for your pleasure.

Next Baronial Council Meeting
July 12, 2015 at 1:30 pm
hosted by WealdLake
at the

For missives from our Baron and Baroness

For their Excellences' information page

For the Populace Interactive Information Sheet.  To learn more about you, their Excellences request you complete the Populace Interactive Information Sheet.

For Baron Max and Baroness Gwen's UNOFFICIAL Barony of North Woods Page

For the "wish List" of items for our barony (continued from the reign of Baron Odo and Baroness Dulci.)

For these and other missives from their Excellences, other missives to the populace, and the Holmgang (the Baronial Newsletter which includes the minutes from the Baronial Council Meetings), you can find links on the