North Woods

A Barony of the Middle Kingdom
AKA The "Lost Barony"
motto: "Beware the Wolf"

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Emblazon: Azure, a wolf's head couped argent vorant of a sun and in chief a laurel wreath canton Argent, a pale gules over all a dragon passant vert granted 04 Oct, 1975 (A.S. 10)


Greetings and Well Come to all who visit this land of the North Woods. We bid you good fortune and and invite you to peruse our many facets for your pleasure.

Note: In researching our history, I found we are officially listed as North Woods. As I have not found where we were changed, I have corrected the web page to reflect our registered name. - webminister

Next Baronial Council Meeting
January 11, 2015 hosted by WealdLake at 2pm at the Brewery Becker.

Missive from our new Baron and Baroness

Please read Baron Maximilian and Baroness Gwenllyen's missive to the Populace of North Woods on the preparations for Pennsic War!!! 

Click here for their Excellencies information page

Click here for Populace Interactive Information Sheet

(link to Baron Max and Baroness Gwen's UNOFFICIAL Barony of North Woods Page)

There is now a "wish list" for our Barony. Please consider these requests.  

For the missives from their Excellencies, other missives to the populace, and the Holmgang (the  Baronial Newsletter which includes the minutes from the Baronial Council Meetings), you can find links on the missives page.

At Squires Revolt, A.S. 46 (2011),  Wealdlake, an incipient canton of North Woods, gave a gift to the Barony.  They have made a mold from which tokens and medals may be cast. The pewter castings that were given can be seen at this link - Wealdlake Gift.


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Side Trips to our Cantons:

Ealdnordwuda     Riding of Hawkland Moor     Wealdlake     Iron Oak 

Side trips to the Knowne World: Pentamere a region of The Kingdom of the Middle (Midrealm) a part of The SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism)
Or visit with Lady Seadhli at the Pentamere and Canton of Wealdlake Minister of Youth Website Check out a medieval wedding at Aliyah's Wedding Day Come see what we are about on the online SCA demo And after your visit, come back - we missed you! 
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