North Woods  

A Barony of the Middle Kingdom
AKA The "Lost Barony"
motto: "Beware the Wolf"


Greetings and Well Come to all who visit this land of the North Woods.

We bid you good fortune and and invite you to peruse our many facets for your pleasure.

Next Baronial Council Meeting
January 11, 2015 at 1 pm
hosted by WealdLake
at the Brewery Becker.

Posted on Oct 14, 2014 on North Woods Barony Facebook Page by Lady Brigida Alderotti:

Nominations and Registration to vote in this falls Baronial elections ends this Saturday, October 18th. The offices up for election are Seneschal, Chronicler, Webminister, A & S Minister, Chatelaine, and Youth Minister. As of this posting, the offices of Seneschal, Chronicler, Webminister and A & S Minister have more than one candidate. So your vote will count. Right now we have only 20 members of the barony registered to vote.

IF you wish to run for office or just want to register to vote, contact the Baronial Exchequer Lady Brigida Aldesotti at She will respond to you once she receives your email stating she has gotten it. If she does not respond to you, she did not get it.

To register to vote you need to give SCA name, Modern Name, membership number and expiration date and Email address or mailing address to send ballot

If you would like to run for run for an office needs to submit their SCA name, Modern Name, Address, phone, email, SCA membership number w/expiration date and the office for which you plan on running for.


The annual baronial election for officers has begun. As the Seneschal is running for reelection, the Exchequer is in charge of the election. The deadlines for the election are in the right column. For list of open positions and more information on the election, see the election page by selecting it from the top navigation tab or click here

Missives from our Baron and Baroness

Click here for their Excellences' information page

Click here for Populace Interactive Information Sheet

Click here for Baron Max and Baroness Gwen's UNOFFICIAL Barony of North Woods Page

The "wish List" of items for our barony (continued from the reign of Baron Odo and Baroness Dulci.)

For these and other missives from their Excellences, other missives to the populace, and the Holmgang (the Baronial Newsletter which includes the minutes from the Baronial Council Meetings), you can find links on the missives page.

At Squires Revolt, A.S. 46 (2011),  Wealdlake, then an incipient canton of North Woods, gave a gift to the Barony.  They have made a mold from which tokens and medals may be cast. The pewter castings that were given can be seen at this link - Wealdlake Gift.


Last updated: 10/17/2014 11:24 PM

2014 Election Deadlines

All nominees and those wishing to register to vote should send required information to Lady Brigida Alderotti by email -

To register to vote: send SCA name, Modern Name, membership number and expiration date to Lady Brigida Alderotti by email -

  • Declare candidacy and REGISTER TO VOTE
  • Ballots to populace
  • Ballots to Exchequer
  • Ballots to populace

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