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A Barony of the Middle Kingdom
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Baronial Pictures

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Pictures of past events and interesting moments.

Balloonfest 2008

happy birthday 1.jpg (116636 bytes)

Happy Birthday to the Lady

birthday revel.jpg (1017820 bytes)

The revelers join in

village strings.jpg (59821 bytes)

The Medieval Village Strings

village strings 2.jpg (341838 bytes)

The Medieval Village Strings part 2

captured by the belly dancers.jpg (63736 bytes)

Captured by the belly dancers

captured 2.jpg (71930 bytes)

What a rough imprisonment

Captured 3.jpg (91735 bytes)

What do you mean I have to go?

fighter 2.jpg (56914 bytes)

A new fighter

fighters_1.jpg (34218 bytes)

Fighters in action

fighters 2.jpg (74044 bytes)

Fighters up close

Table given to Barony of North Woods

Investiture of their Excellencies Baron Odo de Eu and Baronessa Dulcinea Maria Magdalena von Muhlberg y Aguilar of North  Woods.

anguscalledforth.jpg (196440 bytes)

Baron Angus and Baroness Ciara are called forward by their Majesties. They tell the crown they must sojourn in another kingdom and can no longer serve. They submit Master Odo and Mistress Dulcinea as replacements.

odocalledforth.jpg (43355 bytes)

The recommendation is accepted, Master Odo and Mistress Dulcinea are called forth.


odokneels.jpg (114275 bytes)

As Baron Angus and Baroness Ciara look on, Master Odo and Mistress Dulcinea are questioned by His Majesty Palymar and Her Majesty Aislinn. They accept the responsibility of the Barony of North Woods.

newbaroninvested.jpg (249188 bytes)

Master Odo and Mistress Dulcinea receive their crowns.


fealtysworn.jpg (98840 bytes)

Fealty is sworn to the Crown. Master Odo and Mistress Dulcinea are now their Excellencies Baron Odo de Eu and Baroness Dulcinea Maria Magdalena von Muhlberg y Aguilar of the Barony of North Woods. Hoobah!!

anguscrowned.jpg (114828 bytes)

Lord Angus and Lady Ciara are called before the Crown. They kneel. For 9 years service as Baron and Baroness of North Woods, they are now Court Baron Angus Gove MacKinnon and Court Baroness Ciara McRobbie. Hoobah!!

Balloonfest 2006

Wealdlake, a Canton of North Woods, has the annual Medieval Village demo supported by Barony of North Woods. Here, as Guardians of the young bride,  Baron Angus and Baroness Ciara gave away the Bride Aliyah as well as validated the marriage contract for the historically accurate Medieval Wedding. The research and more pictures are on the Medieval Wedding  website.

Balloonfest 2006 001.jpg (72860 bytes)

The Procession lines up

Balloonfest 2006 002.jpg (129998 bytes)

The Trumpet sounds

Balloonfest 2006 003.jpg (118808 bytes)

The Bride

Balloonfest 2006 015.jpg (144621 bytes)

Her Guardians-Baron Angus and Baroness Ciara,

Balloonfest 2006 004.jpg (148632 bytes)

Dearly Beloved ...

Balloonfest 2006 009.jpg (109710 bytes)

... with this dowry (Alms for the poor are presented) I thee endow.

Balloonfest 2006 010.jpg (167210 bytes)

Full view of the wedding party

Balloonfest 2006 017.jpg (167394 bytes)

The Champion for the Bride taking on all comers under the watchful gaze of her guardians.

Balloonfest 2006 021.jpg (164868 bytes)

Greeting the Champion - Sir Osric.

Balloonfest 2006 022.jpg (140419 bytes)

Presenting a gift in token of thanks for his holding the field.

Here are pictures from the 2005 Tyger Hunt aka


Click on the thumbnail for  larger picture:

PICT0344.JPG (480595 bytes) tyger_hunt_2005_001.jpg (64994 bytes) tyger_hunt_2005_002.jpg (59862 bytes) tyger_hunt_2005_004.jpg (70609 bytes)
tyger_hunt_2005_008.jpg (45548 bytes) tyger_hunt_2005_013.jpg (64124 bytes) tyger_hunt_2005_015.jpg (65511 bytes) tyger_hunt_2005_016.jpg (61526 bytes)
tyger_hunt_2005_018.jpg (55955 bytes) pict0345.JPG (474545 bytes) PICT0347.JPG (594605 bytes)
PICT0357.JPG (498379 bytes) pict0365.jpg (526261 bytes) PICT0367.JPG (490672 bytes) PICT0372.JPG (485622 bytes)
PICT0380.JPG (23412 bytes) PICT0389.JPG (499006 bytes) pict0401.jpg (477629 bytes)
PICT0403.JPG (459373 bytes) PICT0392.JPG (490307 bytes)


The Baron Angus, Baroness Ciara and the populace being seated at the Iron Oak Jambalaya dinner at Pennsic 32. As you can see from the umbrellas the weather was a little wet looking. Their Excellencies after being seated had just given a Baronial Decree that it "IS NOT RAINING"....about 2 minutes later God rescinded that by dumping a monsoon on our heads but we still had a great time under the commons tents.

Iron Oak Jambalaya

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