North Woods

A Barony of the Middle Kingdom
AKA The "Lost Barony"
motto: "Beware the Wolf"

Here were the candidates for the positions of Baron and Baroness of North Woods, AS 47 (2013). Thank you all for considering taking on this awesome responsibility.

The Heirs:


Unto the populace of the Barony of North Woods do Warder Maximilian der Zauberer and Lady Gwenllyen the Minstrel send greetings. We are writing this missive to convey to you why we feel we would make a good Baron and Baroness of North Woods.

Since our children are (mostly) out of the house we have no qualms about dedicating ourselves to serve as the Crown's representative to the Barony and as the Barony's representative to the Crown. We feel the Barony is healthy and we will endeavor to do our best to maintain the long-term health of the Barony.

We have been members of the SCA since 1990. Between the two of us we have held every office at the canton / shire level so we know first-hand the work required and sometimes the frustration involved in being a local officer. Max has also been a deputy Baronial Seneschal, was the Kingdom Rapier Marshal from 2001-2004 and was the first Rapier General for the first ever rapier melee war point at Pennsic in 2004.

We have been an information hub for many, many years and know a lot about all aspects of SCA activities and events. We regularly travel throughout the Middle Kingdom and occasionally to some of the neighboring kingdoms. We have attended every Pennsic since settling here in the MidRealm in 1997. As longtime members, if we are not already acquainted with most of the members of the Peerages we are very comfortable approaching them and asking them for assistance and advice. Additionally, many of the Royal Peers already know who we are on-sight. We feel that based on our breadth of experience and the sheer enjoyment we get from being long-time active members of the SCA we are fully prepared for the five-year commitment of being Baron and Baroness of North Woods.

And for those of you that may be curious, we made a conscious decision many years ago to not join any major SCA household. If we become Baron and Baroness this will ensure a minimal chance for conflicts of interest.

Our mutual SCA interests are dancing, archery and thrown weapons, and we are both authorized in rapier combat. Gwenllyen is also a musician and a lace maker. She has taught bobbin lace and needle lace and typically has 2 or 3 knitting or crocheting projects in-work. Max is a wood carver and an avid horologist. He is a marshal in archery, thrown weapons, rapier, cut & thrust, youth armored and youth rapier combat. Max is also an authorized armored combatant.

Mundanely Gwenllyen is an educator working at a charter school in Hamtramck. Last year she taught a sixth grade self-contained classroom. This year she is teaching mathematics to 8th, 9th and 10th graders. She is also co-owner of a Sylvan Learning Center franchise and manages its financial aspects. Max is an engineer and is currently working for the US Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) in Warren. Additionally, Max is a 13-year veteran of the US Air Force (O-3 Captain) which allowed us the opportunity to live in several kingdoms across the Known World. Just prior to taking up homestead here in the Middle Kingdom we spent 4 years in Drachenwald (Germany). We have 3 adult children, two of whom are active SCA members (Warder Martyn Baxter and Lady Noelle de la Plume).

Max has received the Order of the Grove, the Dragonís Tooth, the Royal Vanguard, the Purple Fret, the Willow, the Cavendish knot, the Bronze Ring and the Dragonís Heart. Gwenllyen has received the Purple Fret and the Willow.

If you wish to know more about us please donít hesitate to talk to us at any event, email us anytime, Facebook friend us or visit our website and click around.

Yours in Service,

Max & Gwenllyen

Max: scheltem at yahoo dot com

Gwenllyen: hollyharpist at yahoo dot com



Greetings Friends, Met and Unmet, of the Barony of North Woods,

We are Lord Thibaut Pomeroy de Machaut C.W. and Lady Eloise Mousebane C.W. of the Canton of Ealdnorwuda. We ask that you join us first in a salute to their retiring excellencies, Baron Odo and Baroness Dulcinea, for their long years of service to these lands Then we ask that you weigh the words that follow and consider our bid for the honor of guiding this noble Barony for the next five years.

Who We Are

Eloise, in mundane life, is a school teacher while Pomeroy has been self-employed for the last twelve years. We live in Lansing with our loyal councilors, Conwy (the dog) and Tober (the cat. We came to the SCA some nine years ago, attending Friday night dance practices at the Saltatoris Guild Hall. Through the years we have participated as dancers in demos at local schools and libraries, in performances at event feasts, and in the balls which often accompany events. As the pressures of mundane life have eased, we have been able to become more involved in the Society. Eloise is active researching and making garb for the two of us. Pomeroy is an active scribe in both calligraphy and illumination, is currently Exchequer for Ealdnorwuda, and is involved with the canton's heavy fighting community.

The Future of the Dream that is North Woods

We all come to the SCA with different interests and those interests generally fall either in the A&S or martial communities. As Baron and Baroness, we would seek to encourage the growth and interaction of both communities within our borders. We believe that the more diverse our offerings, the more opportunities there are for newcomers to find an interest satisfied and thus bolster our overall membership. Further, as a large barony with four distinct cantons, each with its own challenges and concerns, we would seek to work with canton officers to identify priorities in addressing those challenges and concerns with the aid of a baronial presence. By setting broad priorities for the Barony, and strengthening the various parts which are North Woods, we would then have a stronger overall community allowing us all a richer and more rewarding "medieval experience.

We thank you for your time and attention.Should there be questions which we have not addressed here, please feel free to contact us either by email at, or via our facebook page, Pomeroy and Eloise. The facebook page is open to the public and all are invited to comment.

Merci Beaucoup,

Thibaut Pomeroy de Machaut & Eloise Mousebane


Why would I, Captain James Seabrig, want to be Baron of North Woods?

Planning on writing some long didactic thing on why I want to be Baron, but I think I'll simply go with the honest approach: I want to encourage people to have fun. Fun, Fun, Fun. I want to encourage people to be great reenactors, to excel at something they love. I want to encourage people to get out there and learn new things and to teach things they've learned. I want to give a voice to our Barony by telling of our great accomplishments to the peers and crowns of our Kingdom. Yes, that sums up why I put my name on the ballot. 

So now a little about me: I joined the SCA in 1983 during my junior year of high school with the group Silver Swords in Battle Creek. What a ride that was. One of the first people I meet was Sir Karl Aerdigwidder von Zauberberg or better known as Sir Fum. He was quite a character. Funny, full of stories, full of encouragement, and he wanted to meet everyone. I learned a few things from him, one of them being: try everything. Find something you are good at and excel but don't stop there, do more. I moved to North Woods back in 1992 and, except for the two years living overseas, I've been here ever since. 

When I look back at what I've achieved in the SCA I don't count my awards or titles; I look at the friends I've made, the stories I have to tell, the feasts I've eaten, and all the garb and other projects in my garage. I honestly believe I'm a better man for having so many examples of kindness and chivalry because I was in the SCA. In short I've had a great life in the SCA. I would like to think I've always contributed to the greater good and now is my chance to step up and server in an even greater capacity.

I mentioned the word fun, but it's about more than fun because in order for others to have fun some must serve. I want the chance to serve this great Barony so others have the chances I had. I can only hope I can contribute to others experience as so many have contributed to mine. There is great history here in North Woods, and there is great history yet to be made. Let's make history together.

Yours in service,

Capt. James Thomas Seabrig AOA, ORC, AKC, OW, OGM, OE

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