North Woods

A Barony of the Middle Kingdom
AKA The "Lost Barony"
motto: "Beware the Wolf"

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North Woods was the first barony of the Middle Kingdom. Our blazon (logo) is the wolf - whence comes our motto: Beware the Wolf! 
As a barony with a history as old as the Middle Kingdom, we have generated a lot of information over the years. Here are links to our information pages, with descriptions of the pages below: 

Nobles Cantons What is the SCA Baronial Pictures Awards Champions History Charter New Groups Links

Nobles: The people who make or have made up our Barony.
Cantons: Listing of the groups that compose our Barony.
What is the SCA: A brief primer of the SCA.
Baronial Pictures: Our albums.
Awards: The small tokens of thanks we give to our populace.
Champions: Our hometown heroes!
History: The history of the North Woods.
Missives: The letters to the populace.
Charter: The charter or governing document of our group.
New Groups: Information pages for the forming and change of status for new groups.
Links: Links to information about the SCA we think you might find of interest. 
Side Trips to our Cantons:

Ealdnordwuda     Riding of Hawkland Moor     Wealdlake     Iron Oak 

Side trips to the Knowne World: Pentamere a region of The Kingdom of the Middle (Midrealm) a part of The SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism)
Or visit with Lady Seadhli at the Pentamere and Canton of Wealdlake Minister of Youth Website Check out a medieval wedding at Aliyah's Wedding Day Come see what we are about on the online SCA demo And after your visit, come back - we missed you! 
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