North Woods

A Barony of the Middle Kingdom
AKA The "Lost Barony"
motto: "Beware the Wolf"

Baron and Baroness

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The current reigning Baron and Baroness of North Woods.

All hail our current reigning Excellencies Baron Maximilian der Zauberer and Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel. You may contact their Excellencies via email at

(link to Baron Max and Baroness Gwen's UNOFFICIAL Barony of North Woods Page)

Baron Maximilian and Baroness Gwenllyen


Lady Gwenllyen the Minstrel

Order of the Willow
Award of the Purple Fret
Award of Arms
Landed Baroness - North Woods 

Baron Maximilian der Zauberer

Order of the Dragon's Heart
Order of the Bronze Ring
Order of the Willow
Award of the Purple Fret
Order of the Cavendish Knot
Award of the Dragon's Tooth
Award of Arms
Order of the Royal Vanguard
Landed Baron - North Woods

Other significant accomplishments of Baron Maximilian:
First Pennsic Rapier War Commander (Pennsic 2004)
Wrote first standardized Pennsic Rapier Rules
Pentemere Regional Rapier Commander (2005, 2006)


Oyez! Oyez! All within my voice - attend!
Lords and Ladies ...
Gentles all!

Let it be known.

Their Excellencies have proclaimed that they desire the coffee to keep flowing. Their Excellencies will always accept the samples of the populaces' brewing for their comment and pleasure, as well as North Woods ale. They will allow the populace to consume what they will - even if it is water. 


Weekly Schedule

Monday nights we usually attend Hawkland Moor meetings at Panera Bread in Rochester Hills. Please let us know if you need to meet us there because one meeting per month is dance practice at a different location. Also, if there are five Mondays in a month we go to dinner at another restaurant.

Sunday afternoons we are usually at Roaring Wastes Fighters’ Practice. Again, let us know if you are planning on seeing us there because we miss these periodically for various reasons.

Friday nights we usually work on baronial business at home.

Yours in Service,

Max & Gwenllyen


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