This is the list I have received of Kings and Queens of the Midrealm who have roots in North Woods:

Iriel of Brannoch and Morna of Cenydd

Thaid mac Tlesown (Later Fuyuzuru Tadashi)

Merowald de Sylveaston and Gwendolyn ro Kearsey

Bearengaer hinn Rauthi

Dagan du Darregonne and Armida Morga

Rolac the Wise and Lindanlorien Droxeen

Dagan du Darregonne and Catherine of Meironydd

Finnvarr de Taahe and Caellyn FitzHugh

Merowald de Sylveaston and Kirsten von der Walden

Eliahu ben Itzhak and Elen o Ddynevwr

Fernanda de la Foret

Reynard the Brown and Brynhildr Kormaksdottir

Kobayakawa Ariake

Brannos O'Iongardail and Rebekah MacTiernan

Valthiona Cuthbert

Tarquin the Red and Aibhilin ni Dhomnaill

Felix the Just of Rams'ey and Madeleina de LaMans