From a Middlebridge post by Rhi:

I just got home from Baronial Border War in Rimsholt. Kudos to the autocrats and the group for another fun event!

But the *best* thing that happened.....forgive my bias for a quick that the gold chain first worn by Thorvald inn Grimmi in 1970 has now been handed down to its thirty-first holder.


Thorvald inn Grimmi, Baron KSCA
Merowald de Sylveaston, Duke KSCA
Gareth the Russel, KSCA 
Rolac the Wise, Count KSCA 
Coley Cuthbert, Baron KSCA
Aldric of Northmark, KSCA
Elestron An Tor Howlsedhas, KSCA
Kenneqrae Gilchrest, KSCA 
Brusten de Bearsul, KSCA (Resigned -- but still counted on the lineage)
Randall d'Artinual, KSCA
Timothy Garahan O'Leitrim, KSCA
Mrethton the Rotund, KSCA
Andrew Greencloak Hethilson, KSCA
Eliahu ben Itzhak, Duke KSCA
Fernanda de la Foret, Countess KSCA
Johan Wolfgang von dem Goldenherz, KSCA
Forgan Aurelius, KSCA (deceased)
Einarr Dunwulf Bjornsen, KSCA
Osric Eisenwulf, KSCA 
Brannos O'Irongardail, Count KSCA
Stephen Edgermont, KSCA
Reynard the Brown, Count KSCA (retrospectively added to the list by Thorvald*)
Ranthulfr Asparlundr, Baron KSCA
Tarquin the Red, Count KSCA
Trelogin Tavistok, KSCA
Crispin Butcher, KSCA
Tarrach Alfson, Viscount KSCA
Ragnvaldr Jonnson, King (Count) KSCA
Felix the Just of Ramsay, KSCA
Bran Cuileann mac Muirchu ui Niall, KSCA


Mieczko the Swift of Jaroslaw, KSCA

A worthy recipient of the chain and a fine addition to our Chivalry he is! Hoobah!


PS...I know there are other knight's chains out there that have been handed around (mebbe not as thoroughly)....perhaps there are peerage medallions that have also passed from owner to owner? If anyone knows *these* lineages, could you possibly tell me about them?

Oh, and don't forget the stories.....I *love* stories....

* In appreciation of his many contributions to the Barony of Northwoods. (Incidentally, Reynard is still the only Midrealm king who was not knighted in the Middle Kingdom -- he recieved the accolade at Pennsic just before moving out of Atlantia. Yes, I know Cariadoc of the Bow was knighted by HRM Siegfried von Höflichkeit of the West....he *was* King of the Midrealm at the time...)