Welcome to the history of North Woods pages. As we look to the future of our great Barony, we should remember those who laid the groundwork, built the castles, brought forth the fields of honor so we might live the DREAM. These pages are dedicated to all those who have gone before us and those striving to continue to bring us all the DREAM!

For all of them - HOOBAH!!

For those of you who may remember 
- from Signy 
Baroness Signy Dimmridaela, OL 
Founding Baroness North Woods

In the ancient days of the Middle Kingdom, it was the custom for a knight's lady to belt him with the words "Take this belt in token of your prowess." And to say it with a straight face.

F'rinstnace, did you know that MSU used to classify us as an intra-mural sport, and included us in the intra-mural sports handbook (freon cans and all)? I still have that handbook.

{Baroness Signy Dimmridaela is a member of the Order of the Laurel, A Court Baroness of Midrealm and a holder of the Foreign Honor - Dolphin, from the Kingdom of Caid - webminister}

If you have memories or nibbles you are willing to share, please email me at webminister@SCANorthWoods.org so I may add them to these pages. Written tales are most welcome and photos as well, with permission to post on the web pages included in the email so I have documentation in the event others would need to contact the originator of the work/photo.

PDA file of Decennial History of North Woods by Finnvarr de Taahe

PDA file of Silver Anniversary of North Woods by Riannon of Ottersdale. O.W.W., A.N.S. (gold) Historian of the Middle Kingdom