Greetings to your Great and Illustrious Excellencies and noble people of North Woods,
I, Lucien Featherstone, having returned from my travels to the Canton of Three Walls within the Dread Barony of Andelcrag wish to pass along information as well a tale of my experiences.
Firstly, let me convey a message from their Excellencies Garth and Kassia:

They wish to express their love to their cousins and seemed surprised that there was a claim of land so far reaching as to lay ownership of your Excellencies’ estates.  In this regard, their Excellencies insisted the need for additional time as to ascertain further information involving this dispute and They ask for your Excellencies’ indulgence.  They believe that they will be able to conclude the matter with further discussion on this 20th day of June if your Excellencies are willing and ask for your forbearance until then.  Also, as I witnessed, They brought to the forefront another issue.  They maintain that a member of our populace left an item at our last meeting between the baronies and IT was found floating in a nearby lake.  When I later inquired as to the nature of this item privately with her Excellency, she informed me that she would not say what it was, but did suggest to me that it was alive.  I admit to being intrigued, your Excellencies, and would suggest that we examine the various cantons within the Barony and see if any of their populace has been absent for a similar time.
Secondly, I will tell a brief account of rapier combat that took place in Three Hills.  The day began both warm and breezy and promised to be a good day of fighting, but quickly changed into a windswept tempest as combatants readied themselves for the Baronial Championship. It was during this time that I accepted a challenge for the Sword of Pentamere from my henchman, Lucan Reynes.  He acquitted himself well and fought honorably but the challenge was mine at the end by the narrowest of margins.  The light combat then moved to within the keep itself to seek shelter from the storm which, in turn, prevented me from observing the armored combat (of which I will leave to others to describe).  I then participated in the Andelcrag Baronial Rapier Championship with her Excellencies’ permission to test her potential champions.  The tournament was conducted by Lord Rhys and was of a Valhalla Circle of Death format whereby the tournament is a grand melee between combatants and if a combatant is defeated they must quit the field and rearm with a differing weapon style.  If, however, the person that defeated them is in turn defeated, then they must return to the field, thereby insuring the victor of the tournament must have defeated all other opponents.  Her Excellency of Andelcrag performed the role of the Valkyrie by removing individual fighters for the remainder of the tournament at her discretion (and pistol shot).  I fared well, but in the end was removed from the field by two Valkyries (2 simultaneous shots) as perhaps it was thought that it may take two to carry my form.  Khaalid, Lucan, Ron and April Grey and  Jacob of Fearann na Criche, Barekr Silfri, my House Brother and myself fought against Aelfwine se Pytell, Amanita Villarosa, Collette du Vallois, Beryl and Alexander Blackram, all of Andelcrag.  Lady Collette was the victor against Lady Amanita.  I then accepted additional challenges for the Sword of Pentamere from Ron and April Grey from Fearann na Criche as well as Jacob of Fearann na Criche.  I was victorious in each of these challenges and retained the sword.  My last challenge of the day came from Lady Beryl of Andelcrag.  She was possessed of a stout defense and was defeated by only the most strange and obscure of strikes.  She showed tremendous fortitude and perseverance and impressed me with her skill.  In the end, however, I still retained the Sword of Pentamere and bear it still after 10 defenses.  We later practiced our melee skills for the coming summer campaign season and then readied ourselves for court.
Lastly, allow me to convey what other events transpired during court.   First, many members of the populace of Andelcrag were honored with foreign awards similar, I believe, to our Northern Stars.  Warder Alexander Blackram was selected as the new baronial rapier champion.  It was after this, and nearing the end of court, that the Honorable Lord Edward Aelredson of Denby, the archery champion of their Excellencies of Andelcrag stated that he had news and information for their Excellencies about an incursion into their lands.  They spoke softly and I did not hear much of what was said, but I am sure it is similar to the inflammatory language used on the missive that he earlier sent which was intercepted by our scouts.  I was in turn called into court- given not much of an option by the armed woodsmen of Edward’s whom escorted me.  Their Excellencies inquired why I had made such an incursion into Their lands.  I responded that I was sent as an envoy from your Excellencies to inquire as to the reasons for such a border dispute to occur and that I was invited by Their previous rapier champion and given permission to fight on Andelcrag lands by her Excellency Kassia.  They then wished that I convey message to your Excellencies on their behalf (of which is recorded above).  They also asked that your Excellencies provide for just recompense for their ‘hospitality’ to me within Their court.  I suggested that his Excellency Odo makes a tincture which removes many ill humors from the body and serves as a wonderful internal perfume, but that this would warrant further discussion.  I was then approached by my Brother of the Bronze Ring, Alexander Blackram, who, upon noting the similitude of our positions as champions, suggested that if an agreement could not be reached in a timely and just manner, then we should seek Divine Justice itself in trial by combat.  I agreed to his terms of this with the time to be just before the Baronial Border War rapier tournament on the list field.  I stated that as he was naming the conditions of the combat, I should determine the style and means of victory.  I suggested they we bring our best weapons form with the victor claiming the better of 3 touches out of 5 passes and he agreed. 
As can be seen, the Barony of Andelcrag fielded many brave and honorable fighters and would undoubtedly bring more to their borders in June.  I ask your Excellencies that we do no less.  I look forward to your response.

Your humble servant,
~Lucien Featherstone

(note: THL Lucien Featherstone is the North Woods Rapier Champion, a Warder, and the current holder of the Sword of Pentemere.)

Missives leading up to Andelcrag Althing

A’salaam alikum,

Peace be upon you, though I fear that peace may be short….

I bring word that a courier has been intercepted. It seems we have spies in our woods and we should ever be wary of any messages we send along our western lands. I too have heard many rumblings of late about the Dread Barony of Andelcrag’s attempt to claim our own very dear Baronessa and Baron…. We, the Great Barony of North Woods, can not let this continue and must seek out these spies and ruffians who dare to cause such trouble in our lands. Let up rise up and continue forth to seek justice for these lies and the insidious encroachment onto our lands and of our beloved Baron and Baronessa.

Sukran Jazilan,

Sayyidaefendi Jahan Ara bint al-Yehya amat al-Hafeeza

Seneschal of the Great Barony of North Woods and Their most Excellent
Excellencies Baronessa Dulcinea and Baron Odo…

Following is the Intercepted missive from the West…..


Greetings unto the good populace of the Barony of Andelcrag, from THL Edward Aelredson of Denby, Archery Champion to Their Excellencies Garth and Kassia.

I have come upon grave news indeed. My woodsmen have intercepted missives from the Barony of North Woods indicating that they plan an incursion into our lands. Here shows that missive and its insidious lies:

--- Intercepted message from North Woods lands:

Greetings unto all good citizens of the Great Barony of North Woods,

I bring to you information of great import. Namely, that the Dread Barony of Andelcrag has recently laid claim to our western lands and, with even more audacity, have attempted to lay claim to the very seat of our beloved Baron and Baronessa. Perhaps the populace of Andelcrag is dissatisfied with their current baron and baroness and wishes to claim our own. More likely, however, their Excellencies of Andelcrag wish to claim our lands (and our fine people) as their own.

Furthermore, Their Excellencies of Andelcrag have sent their current rapier champion to gatherings within our own borders. At events during the peace of winter did I hear him make mock of the prowess of our rapier and armored fighters. I also managed to overhear that plans were underway so that They may select new champions. Perhaps this was an unintentional slip caused by the disgruntlement that Their current champion bears. Regardless, this plan was discovered and there is yet time to act!

So now do I, Lucien Featherstone, Rapier Champion of the Magnificent Barony of North Woods and Warder of the Bronze Ring, call upon the populace ofNorth Woods to answer this affront. We should act quickly (perhaps as early
as this coming Saturday) before their Excellencies of Andelcrag mistake our silence for acquiescence. If we show them the skill and honor that the people of North Woods possess, they may not be bold enough to attempt an outright besiegement of our western lands with the coming summer season.

Thus do I ask Their Most Imperial Excellencies of North Woods for their blessing in this endeavor, for although I would seek to defend the honor of this Barony myself, I would never presume to assume Your authority in calling for additional forces. Thus will I travel to the Canton of Three Hills in either case a proud citizen of the Barony of North Woods.

Cave Lupum

Yours in service to the Dream,

----- End intercepted message -----

As you can see, they have once again spread horrible lies about our beloved Baron and Baroness. Last year it was that They were raiding trade routes and stole tea. Now they insinuate that we would take over their lands. Will it never stop?!?
(Webminister note: the statements by THL Lucien are correct as well as the raids by Aldelcrag of our trade routes in our recent past.)
Worse yet, the nefarious Baron and Baroness of North Woods do condone these actions!!! See here the response which was intercepted:

----- Wrote Their Excellencies of North Woods:
Good People of the Barony of North Woods,

We too have heard news that our lands, and perhaps even ourselves, are in danger of being stolen from North Woods. We love our Barony and hold all of our people dear in our hearts. We support Lucien in his endeavors and wish a good showing of gentles (and fierce warriors) to go and let the will of our Barony be known to our nefarious cousins to the West!

Baron Odo and Baronesa Dulcinea

----- Here ends Their Excellencies missive -----

I have spoken long with Their Excellencies Garth and Kassia. They claim knowledge of no such plans (although They admit that it does warrant merit. The only deterrent being the incredibly warm air which does surround the Capitol buildings of North Woods lands). They have instructed me to send forth my woodsmen to spread word to take up arms and prepare to fend off these intruders. They ask that all infantry of both light and heavy come prepared to do battle with those who invade our lands in the coming days.

Their Excellencies do expect this to be a drawn out endeavor and have taken intelligence that North Woods plans not only to invade this coming weekend at Allthing while They choose Their new Champions, but also in the coming months as They attempt to take Their leisure in Their lands of Three Walls in June. They call forth all forces of Their armies to attend Them at that time to make a final push to expel those who would take our lands.

I myself will take up whatsoever arms I am able, be it light, heavy, or bow, to aid our Great Baron and Baroness to this end. I encourage you all to the same. Let us make our eastern neighbors pay for these lies!!!

Somnio Serviens,

Ðeawfæst Hlaford (HL) Edward Aelredson of Denby
Archery Champion to the Barony of Andelcrag and Their Excellencies Garth and